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Just curious

If Jesus was sold-out for thirty pieces of silver. Assuming that these pieces were roughly an ounce each. At todays prices that would be about $1095.

What do you think 30 oz of silver represented in terms of valuation back then? Did it represent one weeks labor? One months labor? One years labor? If at todays price of $1095, that's only about one weeks wages for much of society.

Just something to think about.

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A Historical Case for $960 Silver

A Historical Case for $960 Silver By Silver Shield,on May 5th,2011

During the height of the Roman Empire that average days pay for a soldier and laborer was on silver Denarius. This Denarius was 1/10th of an ounce of silver,similar to our silver dimes of yesteryear. What I find amazing is the implied value of this coin into our modern lives.

This dime of the Roman Empire was the average wage of the average worker. It paid for all of the living expenses of a man and his family;food,shelter,clothes,taxes and maybe a little fun from time to time. How would we begin to relate the value of that Roman dime to where we are today. First think about the kind of work a Roman soldier or a field worker would have to do to get that Denarius. Most likely the Roman soldier would be enduring terrible conditions or fighting in hand to hand combat. The average laborer would be working 12 hour days using rudimentary tools doing arduous tasks to eek out an existence.

The average American Empire laborer or soldier probably makes minimum wage of about $8 an hour. If we multiplied $8 times the 12 hours the Roman laborers must have worked that would make the implied value of the silver Denarius about $96. If the Denarius is 1/10th of an ounce of silver,then the implied value of an ounce of silver is $960. Let’s think about it another way,Judas sold out Jesus Christ for 30 Sheckles which is about 15 ounces of silver. Would you condemn your friend,much less the Messiah to death for 15 x $38= $570? What about 15 x $960= $14,400? That seems to be about the same cost I hear in those murder for hire plots…

This is just one of the many ways for you to see through the paper silver propaganda. For a more complete picture,read the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield. Why you are aware of the once in human existence opportunities of investing in physical silver,then it makes it easier to create generational wealth. Buy right,and sit tight.

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Great analysis.....

Great analysis of the Roman Denarius, but it deserves it's own thread.........

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