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#1 Thu, May 25, 2017 - 1:21am

Belmont 2017

Ok senior investment is my new fav 3yr old. First thoughts were he wouldn't hAndle surface at Belmont park. After watching the replays several times, I now realize that the huge wide turns are perfect for a huge specimen of a horse like this who much to my disappointment had trouble negotiating the tight turns of the smaller tracks, especially when the pace is quick..he was literally climbing the first half mile of the preakness...looked like he was running on a stairmaster..however the slower pace, and wider turns of big sandy is tailor made for this longwinded animal with the monster stride...when he comes thundering down the stretch at belmont park there isn't a 3yr old running anywhere that can hold him off..... Belmont stretch just looks long it's really rather short. The size of the turns make it seem so long.

I've had a chance now to watch just about everyone so even tho I have no clue who will enter I'm still sticking my neck out. Btw that includes the Japanese champ epcharis who skipped the Preakness for this race.

Classic empire should be freshened up for the travers instead of running here.

Also for anyone interested. It looking like aqueduct will be closed and Belmont downsized and remodeled. It's all part of what I foresaw. Really sad cuz some great historic events happened there.