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PSLV long.

Sorry, I'm probably abusing this site/forum right off the bat and I don't come here much. I'm a novice, "don't know shit" really. Like you, I totally believe stacking is the best method, but unfortunately, I've been long since 2010 and I'm stuck in a lot of SLV. My timing was epically bad, and I went in deep in SLV right before the crash trying to make a buck (based on info from this site BTW, but not blaming anyone but myself, as this site was consistent on the importance of stacking). I know people will say sell SLV and stack, but I can't (in 401k account). My thoughts are move to PSLV/PHYS. My question is, what are your thoughts on PSLV regarding the inevitability of the leverage that exists gold/silver stocks. When SLV/GLD goes bust (based off of the logic you all know) and the divide between physical and paper, will PSLV hold? Is Sprott a good guy, crook? I guess my question is, setting aside the fact that physical rules, is PSLV/PHYS a safe investment?

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