Is the USD Actually Worthless?

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Is the USD Actually Worthless?

Having never been the ‘Sharpest Tool in the Shed,” I’d like to express some of the things I think I’m seeing and just plain don’t get.

For starters there is the monster rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum presently going on.

Then thinking back on interest rates on CD’s…when 10 years ago returned $50 some dollars on a thousand bucks…..and today brings back like $4.85……

But what has me really shaking my head was learning this week that at a local produce market in my area a person using an EBT card can get $7 of produce for every $5 in purchases….So, yep, the person with the EBT card in front of me can get say 7 asparagus, while I can get 5 for my $5 cash…that I ran my ass of earning the old fashioned way….. Am I nuts, or just a dumb sucker that continues to work?

OR more to the point… it…do these types of things provide glaring evidence that the USD is JUST PLAIN WORTHLESS?
Does BTC –at the moment valued at over $2000 just clearly show the USD is worthless?
Do the ‘effing banks show us exactly what the value of the USD is…every day…and have for years??
It it possible that free-be money in the form of an EBT card truly IS worth 40% more than the USD???