Silver....the worst 15 year investment you could have made?

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#1 Thu, Apr 13, 2017 - 5:50am
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Silver....the worst 15 year investment you could have made?

Ponder that one, tune out the lies, the hype, the bullshit, tune out the "unprecedented demand" and put it into a context. There are numerous wars occurring, the war rhetoric is now being intensified with more aggression and yet silver is at a paltry 18.50. It's been over 6 years, 6 years in which there have been more bailouts, more wars, more thefts (Cyprus) and yet the realitu is most people could give a shit about silver.

The Comex is still the Comex, the Shanghai Exchange is fully up and running, premiums are still very small on silver, what's more, real, sizable capital is not moving into the metals but instead massively into cryptocurrency. Now that is my fault for being suckered by the silver sales people but is irrefutable.

Was silver a bad investment in theory? nope, but given the fact that the dollar is evidently not toast (like so many in hindsight illogically predicted) we are going to be waiting many years for there to even be a return to the $40 level. By which time of course when factoring in inflation the losses will be overwhelmingly awful.