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#1 Wed, Apr 12, 2017 - 2:41am

KY Derby 2017

Ok I wasn't going to do it this year for many reasons.

However, my blood is still boiling over the Florida derby at gulfsteam park.

The winner Always Dreaming has sprung to the top the leader board off of the time he ran. Just a tick off of Alydars record???? No, he's nowhere near the horse Alydar was. So how did he do it?????

Well tracks are now running turf races prior to the premier events. They had hours to scrape down and dampen the surface instead of just harrowing it. Which made that sucker lightening fast. GP is NEVER fast.

I may write more. The upcoming Arkansas derby will be a great race because all those horses need points. Especially classic empire the long time leader who was sidelined with a foot abscess and then some back issues. He's the class but he's missed 55 training days and he's a complete head case. If he doesn't do well, he will be a gelding soon.

Otherwise, the field is crap full of stalkers and pressers. Although gunneveras race wasn't nearly as bad at it looks and he's got an incredible pedigree. He's the only true closer and he came home in 58 and change to get 3rd by only 1 1/2l. That's pretty damn good.

Irish war cry ran a great race in the wood. What happened last out who knows but I'd draw a line thru it. He just ran a clunker. They are like people and some days just don't want to work.

mccracken was third too and that's all he needed to be. Secretariat, unbridled and many others have been dull in their last prep. He'd been off too and needed that race for a tightener.

Doesn't matter who gets in the payouts are going to be huge!!!!!!