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Thu, Apr 11, 2019 - 2:44pm
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In again

$14.94 is low enough for me.

Swing trade indexed ETFs. Long physical gold, silver, and 1 miner.
Tue, Apr 16, 2019 - 10:14am
Green Lantern
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might be joining you soon.

might be joining you soon. Too much congestion. Probably from the cheese pizza. Once it exits, could be today (a-choo), I'll ride likely to may or my price. (technical joke)

gold exiting congestion area. 4 more points down then I'll consider. I am looking for a nice high to occur. But both trades are short lived but some more down the pipe.

Tue, Apr 16, 2019 - 9:44pm
Green Lantern
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Not yet

too tired to explain. maybe tomorrow. but briefly, still selling after the cycle low which can last 4 to 9 days, not that is what is happening. Elliott wave zig zag Corrective phase was incomplete.

If it wants to run to the upside, I'm ok missing the trade or coming in when I confirm it's moving to the upside. I still want it to move to support at 14.30 before it runs

Wed, Apr 17, 2019 - 10:10am
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Do you know what cycle has

Do you know what cycle has worked 5 consecutive times with the last being a high to a high??? A 17-18 month cycle.....

Three inflection points that haven't arrived (indicated in blue) with the 17-18 month cycle landing in July ....

Give a one or two day error.

IF it works out. that means from mid-April into June/July ‘19 is the next phase of a 17 - 18 month high-high cycle that has timed five successive highs, including the July 2016 & Jan 2018 peaks (July ‘19 is ideal time).

Gold has now entered the high side of a reversal zone but bearish here on the daily.

translation, it needs to go down before it reverses to the upside. The current Fibonacci retracement is probably not enough.

Wed, Apr 17, 2019 - 6:08pm
Green Lantern
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Given the somber tone of this

Given the somber tone of this spring day, It ends as it began with price so near, as it was when we began this morning… so clear. gold and silver still not ready to play and No traders in sight, not even lurking, to take a bite.

main street waits for another tweet, to find out when Donald’s stocks will peak. Not a right in sight, at least not willing to say, as Turd and followers show their dismay.

Many keep saying that charts don’t work. Alluring and interesting as a pot of murk. Wall Street gaining dough on every share while they suppress our gold…. lets’ all yell….IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!

So I’d thought I’d take break, and not bore you with my metals take. I’ll trade it alone, as I wait for the zone.

But I’d like to say a thing or two about standard and poors, even if you’re not into keeping scores. What I’m going to share probably won’t square, with what you’ve been taught, and it’s unlikely that you’ve ever had such thoughts. But every man gets a say, even if you think it’s a bunch of horseplay.

I’ll probably do this once, and never again. Just to show you what you’ve never seen, a one time only, slip of the pen. Then I'm off to parts unknown until the time comes to be shown.

I have Jupiter on my ascendant, and Neptune right across, which means, I’ll figure out how to make money and mitigate my loss. 20 years in the making, my Jupiter returns, currently in retrograde is often when it burns.

You may not know what all this means, but I’ll give you an example of somebody you have seen. I’ve read all the commentaries on Jullian Assange, with Jupiter and Neptune, same as mine. We’re not the types to keep it silent, and I rarely resort to a rhyme. He took a fall, because he said it all, it made them angry because he told the truth, and he had to sacrifice more than a tooth. Pent up energy needs to be released, and things on the mind sometimes need to find the sunshine. Assange wasn’t in the business of keeping it close to the vest, especially with so many elephants in the room, no one wants to test. But that’s our job, you don’t have the same perspective or frame.

The outcome likely, not what you think and the answer is not in the kitchen sink. With the moon wobbly and Mars on the axis, what better time for a verbal telotaxis

So lets take a look at the market to date, see if it differs then your particular take.


12 days low 233.76, time based resistance support: 233.76 + 1/2 Time: 233.76+56= 289.76, we have Gann's Ezekiel "Wheels in Wheels" with 112 days low and 2mro 210 days top, Both Cycle 168, MANY THINGS SAY PULLBACK.

Sun @ 2907.35, Mercury hits Aries Point, Saturn at $290.39, Uranus at 2912.23, 2 months running, Full Moon, Saturday: Sun Ingress Taurus, Venus Ingress Aries, Change coming That's technical analysis and the moving averages work if you know which ones to use and when to use it. It gets so old. The same repeating aphorisms. Why even try?

I wanna talk about ganja

Cannabis. ticker: mj Comparing it to Big tobacco. Not trading as novel alternative medicine but a government tax. Your wishes come true. So It’s a fit. marijuana tax 1937. April congress wrote the laws. Controlled Substances Act 1970. Hence, 1/2 of 8.6 = 4.3

April ’37 congress wrote the laws. Activated August 1937. April 2019… Count the years. What’s happening now? https://www.marijuanamoment.net/congressional-democrats-hold-first-ever-marijuana-reform-panel-at-policy-retreat/

Cannabis loves earth and earth signs. Taurus the bull. April 20th. Coming in for a landing. Pot Index: 114 days low, gann square of 52 at 5/16ths, 16.25 weeks, add 11.40 to low 23.01= 34.41, gann square of 52 natural Price of 2/3rds: 34.666, The High Today, near term looks like H&S, Big Pic looks like Cup With Handle. 57 bars up from 23.01, 2 days ago at low, 19 down, 1/3rd Time Correction, 1/3rd price back 33.84, low was 33.77 very close, as its getting weaker rallies getting smaller and smaller, is narrowing down, 50% is 34.25, needs spike on BIG BIG VOLUME.


So where do things go from here??? the market is crashing? The market is going to crash. 2020?, 2021? 2022? 2032? Did I just switch those 2 numbers around? Every man has a different idea. It’s all good. Hard to say right now. But unless you know a possibility exists, how can you eliminate it as an option?

Uranus in Taurus??? Is the anonymous Kondrieff guy right? 5th wave up pushed by tech, bio tech, AI, block chain, solar, robots, are these the main drives behind a hidden 5th wave up? Or is it bullshit? Armstrong says NO. Not a Kondrieff cycle. Some of the astro stuff works out. If this happens, the end of the anti-stock analyst decade. BIG WAKE UP. I’m not saying yes. I ain’t saying no. But I haven’t seen any compelling analysis that says earlier is more likely than later, but back testing the the cycle, it looks really compelling even if it’s not the right business cycle.

You can’t eliminate a possibility, until you can eliminate it. Whichever way it goes, it will be life changing. Up or down. To not consider the remote possibility is a sin against oneself.

Scott Adams is pumping Uranium and he don’t even know it. Is he tapping into what’s next because he sure ain’t gonna persuade that shit up. March off the chart, high velocity Volume in the Uranium miners like I’ve never seen. No charts. Pennies from Heaven Uranium might be a once in a lifetime shot. and maybe not. Whose to say? Can’t say. Won’t say. but watching carefully.

I've broken the rhythm and initial intention of this short lived forum on trading those DIRECTION ETFS. Thanks to Happy Now. He kept his head in the game on silver. Are there like only 4 traders left on this site? If it walks like a duck......

Time is getting late. Don’t squander the minutes left. Cease the opportunities and if you don’t know how, you’d best find the rare bird that can teach you. Changes coming soon.

Wed, Apr 17, 2019 - 7:43pm
reno, NV
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Gold and silver kind of Mopey.

Traders here are pretty dopey

S&P ain't news to shiners

We dig it out and pump the miners

Market motions turn and twist

Parse the stars; grind and grist

Those tiny nuanced planet cycles

Forget Upharsin Mene mene Tekel

Burma Shave


Tue, Apr 23, 2019 - 9:41am
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Gosh dang banker idiots, pin

Gosh dang banker idiots, pin striped wearing, slicked back hair, back room dealing, caviar eatin', pipe smoking in their easy chair, Park Avenue penthouse dwelling bankster punks keep bringing the metals down into the price zones that I elucidated upon earlier. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they are working me.

And it looks like the low is scheduled to arrive on time.

Now if you're keeping track of me and what I said about gold dates three weeks ago (I think I am safe), you realize, that my dates.


pǝʇɹǝʌuI ǝlɔʎƆ

suǝddɐɥ ʇᴉɥs

This became apparent to me earlier in the week when I saw a squirrel run across my chart. Some analysts believe that squirrel patterns aren't very good indicators of future price behavior. That's easily explained.......

Some additional rules. Choose one:

1. Buy the low inflection point, sell the high inflection point. Spend hours trying to figure out which one is which.

2. Guess


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