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Location of GoldMoney

I am trying to decide where I want my GoldMoney account vaulted and in what currencies to have my debit card(s) denominated. Living in the U.S., I currently have my account vaulted in Toronto for easy access if I ever wanted physical outside of the States and was not able to carry any of my stash out. I wonder if it would be safer from shenanigans in Singapore. If the SHTF then there might be a mad rush to move the gold to a location where the U.S. gov would have less influence and control. Would Switzerland or Singapore fall into that category? We can effortlessly change the vaulting location now but I feel like any vault move needs to be done ahead of the time of need. I have a USD denominated debit card but am contemplating getting an additional card denominated in another currency to use if I ever want to get out of Dodge. I am leaning toward an additional card denominated in Swiss Francs.

I would like the thoughts of fellow Turdites.

Keep stacking!!