Petition to eliminate capital gains tax on gold and silver

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Petition to eliminate capital gains tax on gold and silver

The petition has now been put on the official White House site!

Please sign to #MakeMoneyGreatAgain !  #mmga

The counter may not be working when you see the site but it will be fixed.



​​​​​​​PS dont forget to share this petition 

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amazing really

over a MILLION and that is with SIX oooooo signed the petition to release DT's tax returns...b/c that really matters and a WHOPPING 942 amerrrricans signed the petition linked above to make G/S and us dollars free from capital gains TAX. hmmm.

just another reason to crawl back to my happy place. have a safe weekend.


no better time than now

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Make money compete

It will certainly be revealing of what Mr. Trump's true intentions are when it comes to how he deals with the issue of gold and silver being allowed to compete with the fiat dollar. Will he allow gold and silver to compete against the dollar? Removing all taxes on gold and silver would be a step in the right direction. Time will tell...

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