I've been away for awhile...

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I've been away for awhile...

Not trying to be snobby to newer people, but I'm curious as to how many of the "original" crowd are still around?  Thanks, and I look forward to being here more often again.

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less than 50%

I've been here since the start of the site. I think less than half of the original posters are still here.

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I'm still here but hardly original...

whats left of me that is....

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It Sure Has Been A While

Had adventures? Change is in the air these days; some of it might even be for the better.


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Still occasionally pop in but

Still occasionally pop in but many of the threads went to crap along with repetition. Good to see some of the originals still around.


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WTF ! Now you tell us !!!

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Still Here

Just lurk now.

No more silver lease rates published so hard to discuss.

Kitco bankruptcy still dragging on (see richter.ca under insolvency cases) if you are interested.

Been posting at zerohedge.com


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It's been a long while for me...

I lurk once in awhile, but it ultimately boils down to realizing the game afoot will continue on a much longer time frame than many of us might have originally thought...  I did enjoy the great community when we joined Turd on this great adventure, but, like anything, turnover is inevitable.  I hope everyone both past and present is doing well and enjoying life where ever and whenever  it presents itself.


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Legends never die! It was quite a good run. Glad to read you are well. I heard this on a gopro ad the other day and reminded me of this place. "Memories are great because you can always go back." So i went searching for the speakeasy just for laughs.  Never found it, but I know it is still full. Peace.


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