Military Invasion or Financial Destruction - All paths lead to where?

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Military Invasion or Financial Destruction - All paths lead to where?


Please tell me I am crazy. I've been thinking quite a bit about the end game. I have a large map on the wall of my home office and I keep staring at it and thinking about the following:

The countries in red are those that the US is either engaged in war against, or the US media frequently talks about in terms of them being hostile situations brewing (thus included Sudan and Somalia). There are probably more, but I don't have a TV hook up so I don't hear it all. The blue ones are those that are on the brink of financial collapse (although we all are, these are the ones that the media loves to tout). So it struck me: The US cannot attack the blue countries with military but it sure can destroy them financially. So, by military force, or by financial destruction, is the US forging a path to somewhere in particular? It just seems so convenient that the blue countries line the path to the red ones. And even more curious that the red countries seem to indicate that the US is circling the wagons around Saudi Arabia.

Anyway... someone tell me I am crazy and I'll happily crawl back under my rock.

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Tue, Jun 21, 2011 - 9:52pm
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Do people really think that

Do people really think that just because we are, so called, "civilized" that conquest doesn't exist? oh hell no.. it sure does..but you have do it cleverly.. in a more "civilized" manner.

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Circling wagons

If you think about this for longer than five minutes, you are sure to feel dizzy and nauseous.

My advice? Vote for Ron Paul, and visit Costco for some SHTF supplies.

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Lindsey williams update

The Elites will to continue the war in the middle east using the US military industrial complex with the final collapse of Saudi Arabia. This will drive up oil prices. The House of Saud knows they have been double crossed by the US but they can't do anything about it, maybe run to China. The US house of Representatives voted 243-179 on May 12 2011 to open up The north shore of Alaska, Prudhoe Bay and the Bakken oil reserve in the Dakotas in preparation for the oil collapse in the middle east(they want to sell oil at $150-200 a barrel) The largest oil rig in the world, called "Liberty" is being moved into position in Gull island as I write. Read Lindsey's book "Energy Non Crisis" The engineered middle east crisis will speed along US debt default as well as the Euro and they will bring in the new Petro Dollar that will be backed by gold and silver. The Elites have a timeline for the collapse but Lindsey was not allowed to revel it. Keep an eye on China he said. It is all about control. This is not going to be fun.