This Won't End Well

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#1 Sun, Dec 11, 2016 - 2:14pm
Joseph Warren
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This Won't End Well

After listening to the recent interview with Rob Kirby, I thought I'd start this non-public thread for discussing this topic further. Kirby mentioned that these insider corporations are 'legally' exempted from proper accounting. This is under the excuse of 'national security'. How convenient. Many pundits have said that the derivatives bets will implode and cause the whole fiat printing scheme to collapse. (The PMs will rocket upward as a consequence.) How will this collapse occur if there is no proper accounting ?

Research leads me to think that the whole U.S./Western system is completely captured. It started with the monetary and financial system. With these critical systems in their control, all the rest would come. It extended to the political & legal systems, to the media and to education. And, of course, TPTB control the intelligence agencies. Since 9-11 they have been hard at work expanding a global surveillance grid . . . quite useful for blackmailing politicians, etc. All this is easily verified in mainstream news.

Jim Willie says the dollar collapse will come with its rejection in trade. He also makes some comments about benevolent Chinese determined to save the world. I enjoy Jim's commentary, but the whole 'White Dragon' notion seems rather far fetched. The Chinese government isn't freedom loving or environmentally friendly. And if the 'White Dragons' doesn't control the Chinese government, does that mean they aren't so powerful afterall?Ignoring these questions and given that the Chinese still have considerable holdings in US dollar based assets, would they not seek to do whatever they can to maintain the dollar's value for as long as possible ?

IMO Rob Kirby may be the most knowledgeable guy out there talking to the public about derivatives. He's said "this won't end well", but I don't think I've heard him say exactly how the collapse of the rigged game will occur. What will be the mechanism for this ? And no one else has put forward a theory on this either, as far as I know.

Your thoughts on this please ?

- JW