Conspiracy trail? Who stood to benefit from this?

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Conspiracy trail? Who stood to benefit from this?

I just listened to a podcast of Dr Dave Janda interviewing Dr Jim Garrow.

About 18:20 mins into the interview they begin to discuss an attempted EMP attack on the United States that was thwarted only due to the quick thinking of Gen. John Rossi. The attack was planned to hit continential US on 28 July, 2017 (four days after the launch of a rocket on 24 July).

Gen. Rossi was on duty the night of the 27th when THAD (the US defence system for such attacks) failed. Rossi, newly appointed to the post, would have been able to see the attack in action and phoned a buddy of his in Israel and within minutes the missile was shot down.

This was possible due to Israel developing a Star-wars type system.

Four days after this occurred General John Rossi was found dead in his home.


Q. Who would have benefited from such an attack? If they can be identified perhaps another attack could be prevented. I post on this forum because I suspect a financial motive which might be detectable by someone far smarter than little old me.