If the hat fits

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If the hat fits

As I understand it, Hat Tips are given to people that you think are helpful, Knowledgeable, or offer a keen insight, into what is happening with Precious Metals.

-and somebody thought that I was one of those things, -

Clearly there is a conspiracy here to make seem smarter, or nicer then what I really am!

I visit this site to learn what is going on. ( I promise I am absolutely Ignorant about Charts, Manipulation, and basic fundamentals. 

I might have retired when I was 38, but I earned my money the old fashion way. ( I married my sugar momma)

Now I must figure out who is behind this blatant attempt to make me seem intelectual. 

I think it might be George Bush's Fault!

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Sorry I have not been around. I retired and moved to a tropical Island. Now I miss Mexican food.

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No Tipping

So there I was hoping for hat tips, little realizing the implications/expectations implied. The horror, the horror.



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