boating accidents ~ aka a place to reply to drJ for the non-paying freeloaders like me ~

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#1 Sat, Oct 1, 2016 - 1:58pm
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boating accidents ~ aka a place to reply to drJ for the non-paying freeloaders like me ~

drj i must say that this has to me one of the more sobering topics for the pm believer. b/c believe it or not there are people that do not care how good you are they just want your stuff.

my whole philosphy here comes done to this statement. well enough is enough.

just this past month i was able to liquidate 99% of my bullion and it made the downpayment on my dream house. it was not the st8 metal for property exchange i had planned to make when i began to acquire pm's after 08 happenend but it was enough to make the large downpayment and fun coupon payment manageable.

i know horrible idea, the world will end next month and blah blah blah. i am living for today and my family needs a place to stay. done paying the mortgage for someone else. 3.375 30y fixed. i am happy with that.

so now i have no stack. i have an SDP at a local CC where i keep a few coins. now they happen to be very nice slabs, all that could each easily provide a plane ticket to just about anywhere in the world for myself and a family member.

my advice on those holding more than they can carry. continue to monitor the g/s ratio and on ag spikes make trades w/ those dealers you have established relationships with over the years. my theory is they will be more than happy to trade ag for au. always have been in my experiences. my favorite has to be the 1/4 au eagle toobs w/ the 1/10 not far behind. a few 1/10's fit inside a box of american spirit smokes...

thx again drj for your continued contributions here. very much appreciated para eu ~ it is not always easy to do the right thing but it the best thing.

no better time than now
Sat, Oct 1, 2016 - 2:04pm
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bah ~ be

so i did not proof read that post...and since it is first, i do not get to go back and sorry in advance. i will make some corrections here as needed.

first me=be

second done=down

but it IS the best thing.

is was omitted to my last statement

be weLL

no better time than now
Sat, Oct 1, 2016 - 2:49pm
Kilauea, HI
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Dr. J...a response from the stack forum

Hi Doc, we here over at the stacker's forum miss your post over here. I would like to add my two cent perspective to the Doc's post about metal storage. Many years ago my good friend and I were going to the local coin shows in the NY area. My friend is quite wealthy and he was buying and selling gold coins at the time. One day he arrive at his home, where he was still living with his parents, when he opened the door he saw his father laying on the floor with a man holding a gun to him. The other robbers told my friend to get on the floor. My friend said the robbers kept asking "OK Pops, where's the safe?" The father kept repeating that they had no safe. The robbers then asked " so where's the gold coins?" So with that my friend spoke up and he told them he has them in his bedroom under the bed in brief case. Truth was they did have a hidden safe but there was enough coins in the briefcase to sate the robbers. My friend got lucky!!!

So my question to all you safe holders, what would you say to robber holding a gun to your head when he says "I know you have a safe where is it?" Or when he says "open it"

After understanding this episode that my friend and family lived through I came to these realizations. There are wicked people in this world, to protect yourself you need to out smart them. The briefcase of coins acted as a decoy. So too a decoy may be the smartest strategy when dealing with wicked people. Having a small safe that contains a small amount of your stash, that can be expendable which you can think of as insurance, in a closet or not too well hidden place to act as a decoy. This will allow you to bring the armed robber to something to sate him with. It can also make a burglar sated by allowing him to be able to carry the safe off by not making it too heavy but just enough to make him have his hands full.

Sat, Oct 1, 2016 - 3:31pm
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boating accidents

Leave bait items out in plain sight. I have a jewelry box filled with very nice costume jewelry that I've been collecting at garage sales....a "pearl" necklace, a vermeil/CZ tennis bracelet and stud earrings, a silver-plated Tiffany knock-off bracelet, each wrapped in Tiffany blue fabric in an expensive-looking leather, garage-sale jewelry box. There's a ring holder on the bathroom vanity with a vermeil engagement ring and wedding band. In the kitchen there's a glass jar with change, one, five, and tens. THE worst place to put valuables is in the master bedroom.

Magnetic gun mounts on the back of a bedroom door that opens against a wall...the gun probably won't be seen. There are mounts for the bedside, too.

You can buy a safe with a bolt on the bottom...attach it to either the wood subfloor, or with a little work, a concrete floor. The only way to move the safe is by unlocking the safe. Use a box or plastic bin with the bottom cut out, or a piece of furniture to conceal the safe.

With just the most minor of carpentry skills a box spring can be remade into a concealed storage area.

Concrete stepping stones in the back yard for "X-marks-the-spot".

Maybe a "bug out in a panic" stash set aside from the entire stash?

ancaro imparo.
Tue, Oct 4, 2016 - 1:50pm
ChaCha Mars
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@Magpie, Pro thieves can spot your decoys

If your house/property are at all nice, you may just make them mad. You can get CZ rings in solid gold settings at QVC that might pass -- unless they carry the special light. Something to think about.

Sun, Mar 17, 2019 - 6:10pm
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the boats of march

and time keeps marching. an accident waiting to happen. be sure to enjoy each day before we get there. bill evans and an irish wiskey of your choice. on me. speak easy. peace

no better time than now
Sat, Nov 28, 2020 - 5:12am
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I love your blogs and your

I love your blogs and your exporting gold experience is so insightful. I read at about exporting gold to the EU and have to say your story is quite accurate. Hope to see more of your posts like this.

Wed, Dec 2, 2020 - 8:31am
pink freud
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ceiling boats

in the attic, covered in insulation, right next to the guns i would have put there if i hadn't lost them on a canoe trip
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