Politcs : The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization....By Design

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Politcs : The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization....By Design

This thread is about freedom of speech and its very nature of "Use It Or Lose It". I named it 'Politics' because that is the point source of where the most vehement attacks on ALL freedoms are coming from. Freedom of speech is under attack by politicians because it is a hated ''inconvenience' to most of them. They see it as something they own but that you can't have. Their position is opposed to freedom and the Bill of Rights is due to the fact that Freedom of Speech is the arch enemy of both corruption and evil....and let's face it, that is what most of them are all about.

While we as a species brag about our recent (very recent) technological advances, in all of our 'genius', we remain little different from ancient Rome. Our 'Caesar' is the president of the United States. (Don't believe me? Just ask him.) Like Rome, we still have 'senators' who still look for what is good for them, and to hell with everybody else. It appears that we are in reality, just smart enough to lie about our brilliance while wearing a pointed hat that we can never take off.

This thread is where refugees of our political 'system' can come to vent and to 'speak the truth' as they see it. You still have a right to speak your mind here without the fear of being silenced by the slack-jawed PC devotees or 'bleeding heart' guilt trippers. Having said that, "Let 'er RIP ! And by all means, 'use it before you lose it !


One more thing. There are no rules here to the effect that you must like Jews, Arabs, Catholics, Methodist, Baptists, atheist, communist, Marxist, Republicans, Democrats or even socialist. What we are about here is 'saying your piece' because letting it out is good for you. THAT is the topic and more power to you. Enjoy....while you still can.