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Gregory Mannarino has just released the latest edition of his Evolution System for trading. The system uses highly modified technical indicators to precisely suggest entry and exit points for trending stocks and ETF's. Like Greg, I prefer to trade options for the leverage they can provide. My trading goal is Income. I use my income to purchase Hard Assets such as Physical Precious Metals. This system has so far demonstrated uncanny accuracy (90%+) in correctly suggesting precise entry points for trades.

My hope is that we can have a place to share and discuss trade set-ups as suggested by the Evolution System. The system was designed to be used with Fidelity's Active Trader Pro. It may be possible to set it up on another platform.

I am providing links to Greg's YouTube Channel dedicated to The Evolution System as well as a link to Lulu to purchase his system. It should be noted that I can not profit in any way by promoting the system or Greg's e-book. Note: Both are copyrighted. I am merely passing on the incredible opportunity that the Evolution System may offer to traders.

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