Financial Calculators

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Financial Calculators

Good morning to all my fellow Turdites. I was wondering if anyone had some financial calculators for MS Excel. Looking for an options calculator, P&L, breakeven, etc. 

Until last month, I was using the ones I had built in "Financial Models" during my last semester at UCF when finishing my BA in Finance circa 2002. My hard drive took a dump and the files/equations were lost. 

I remember struggling with Excel back then since it was my nemesis and barely squeaked through Financial Models. As such, plus it is now well over a decade since making them, I neither have the knowledge or skill set to write the equations from scratch.

If anyone has them or any others already built into an Excel Spreadsheet, I would truly appreciate if someone would be willing to share them with me. If not, does anyone have a suggestion on a commercial product for Excel that is moderately priced?

Thanks and have a great day!


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