Biden in 2016... How It Can (Will) Happen:

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Biden in 2016... How It Can (Will) Happen:

Why Joe Biden Will Be Elected In November as President:

The Establishment has been playing the misdirection card on the voters in this election year. Joe Biden is the perfect candidate to be selected by TPTB (The Powers That Be for those not reading this on its original published site,

Consider the following:
In January, Donald Trump suddenly went from a close campaign ally of Ted Cruz to a sudden attack mode (Lyin' Ted, as well as a play from Hillary's 2008 campaign, "Birther Issues". ) Trump also used the Birther card against Obama early in his first term.... in fact going so far as to call a press conference in New Hampshire to present the "proof". That press conference was hastily canceled as Trump was enroute to New Hampshire. (Who got to him while flying enroute, and what kind of 'deal' was made to the author of "The Art Of The Deal"? A future run, as he wanted since the '80s?)

Within a week or so of this sudden change, it was announced that SAP (Special Access Programs) level e-mails were found on Hillary's bathroom e-mail server. This level of classification is above "TOP SECRET" and is rumored to be information only shared by and made available to a dozen or so people in the world. (Was this knowledge of SAP level e-mail known by the Republicans, shared with Trump before made public to all at the same time Trump turned on Cruz? Remember, Trump turned on Cruz about a week prior to the news of the SAP e-mail announcement.)

Hillary, despite the DNC wishing to simply 'coronate' her is running into an issue with Bernie Sanders, her main opponent in the primary. Attempting to bury the debates at 2:17 a.m. on Tuesday mornings (o.k., admitted hyperbole and editorializing, but the point is made) aided in the DNC claiming that Hillary was not being 'pre-selected' and attempted to give the appearance of a true competition on the left. Sanders, however, garnered too much support among his voters, many of which (although not reported in the media) have stated they will NOT be voting for Hillary if Sanders is not the nominee. The OFSA is supporting Bernie ('S' being 'Stuff', of course).

The FBI has announced that throughout the investigation, many e-mails were stripped of classification designation, or contained information which should have been known to contain 'pre-classified' information. That is information not yet classified as 'SECRET", "TOP SECRET" "CONFIDENTIAL", "EYES ONLY", or officially deemed "Unclassified" by the various agencies that make the determination. All information sent to the State Department should have been assumed to carry some level of classfication BEFORE the determination was made that is was not classified. ("UNCLASSIFIED").

The FBI is an Investigatory agency, not a prosecutorial agency, which in this case would be the DoJ (Department of Justice). In the course of its investigation, it has over 140 agents dedicated to the investigation, extracted an informant from a foreign country, granted immunity to a witness in the case against Hillary, and is proceeding along their own timeline.

The point that the FBI has been reported to have "granted immunity" to a witness should be a red flag. Can the FBI grant immunity on a possible espionage case without involving clearance from the DoJ attornies? And, can it be safely assumed that these attorneys are not some new hires in East Podunk, Nevada?

Back to the players in the election primaries... TPTB do NOT want Sanders. No DNC donor wants a president who will raise the tax rate to 90%, as Sanders wants. End of discussion for Sanders campaign among the DNC elite.

Cruz is almost just as hated among the RNC elite, as well as the DNC. He has vowed to end the establishment party in D.C. and dismantle most of the institutions of their centralized power. The RNC establishment has said they can 'work with' Trump, he can be 'dealt' with, and Trump will 'be flexible.' However, neither party really wants an "outsider", even if he can play their game of horse trading. Further, Trump really does not want the job, as he will have to eventually disclose all his financial dealings as well as holdings. Trump as he is is likely doing this for his brand.

That leave us where we are as of today, on the republican side, with Trump leading, Cruz hoping for the brokered convention (which he would likely take) and Hillary on the democrat side...... with a very dark cloud over her campaign.

TPTB do not want either Trump or Cruz to win, although they say they can work with Trump (part of the deal they may make or have made with Trump is that he MUST pick an establishment VP, such as Rubio in the unlikely even Trump does pull it off and TPTB lose control of the process and voters this time). Trump must resign early in his assumed first term once his ego has been satisfied for the power AND he has done TPTB's 'dirty work' that they would never have dreamed to try to keep their power.... at least not at the speed Trump could do it at since he will not want re-election, much less a desire to finish his first term. But this scenario is the 'worst case' for TPTB if Trump does pull it off. They still end up with the establishment candidate as president, just delayed by up to a year.... not the four years everyone else assumes for his first term.

If Cruz wins... he will have been viewed as stealing the nomination and this narrative will be repeated every 10 minutes on the networks from nomination to November. He would have an easy campaign against Hillary, even with her playing the 'woman card'.

Hillary has the threat of indictment over her campaign. The DNC knows this and has an alternate who has been kept out of the news, has not faced tough questions, has not had the voters to get a negative impression of him and has beaten an RNC candidate in a televised debate. (at least according to the media.) Plus, Hillary's negatives not only among men, but women as well do not promise a victory..... especially when the Sanders comrades will not support Hillary in the general.

This leaves Biden to come to the establishment's rescue. he has been in D.C. the longest of all the players, knows the people there and is viewed among those there as the 'most electable' and as someone who will keep the con game going. He can beat Trump in a general election (Get Trump to a one on one debate with anyone who knows the inside workings of the government (or in Cruz's case, the constitution and the government) and Trump's promises will be shown to be nothing but hot air when the ineptness is exposed in the October debates.

This alone would be enough to put Biden in the Oval Office in November for four years, however, to guarantee it, you would have to have Obama resign. Any number of factors could bring this on, but I will briefly propose two scenarios:

The first is that Obama voluntarily resigns, leaving Biden with the office before the election. Now Biden is free to not only run as an incumbent, which would be a certainty once he told his justice department to indict Hillary. (I doubt he would do anything to pardon her before the election.) Since 'possession is 90% of the law', running as an incumbent would immensely benefit Biden, and he is in the position to get an early reputation as a 'clean up D.C.' kind of guy, by starting with prosecuting the e-mail espionage scandal. Just what would make Obama 'voluntarily' resign? How about the so-called "Biden Rule", and the fact that the Senate leader has already stated the next president will choose the next SCOTUS nominee. Since the Senate leader does NOT want Cruz, or Trump (would rather vote for Hillary) he would almost certainly agree to this deal to keep either one out of Pennsylvania Ave. Yes, that means that Obama would have to be nominated for SCOTUS justice. Would not put it past the RINOs to go along with that... anything but Cruz or Trump.

The second, less likely is Obama gets caught in the e-mail scandal as The White House was fully aware of Hillary using a private e-mail address. This scenario would run the extreme risk of the Republican nominee (either one) actually winning based on both being able to say they will absolutely clean up D.C. (although only one actually would).... the other would have the establishment VP but it would be messy and tear the country apart for a good 24 months). Plus, Obama loses ANY chance of a legacy he is looking for. For this to play out, the White House would have to delay the DoJ from prosecuting when the FBI recommends further action as a result of their investigation.... and the political blowback is too much from the people.

So there you have it. I can see how Biden is likely going to be the next president at this point. He is the most 'electable', and the recent 'positive press' within the past two days (which is, as always, miraculously timed by TPTB) has cemented my theory even more since January, when Trump started attacking Cruz, suddenly and for no apparent reason, other than to divide the republican base and eventually leave a relative 'moderate' (compared to present) as the president.

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