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New Subscriber who Trades

Dear All

I am a new subscriber here and loving the place already. As ex-GS I know what a bunch of scumbags they are so hope they get the rogering they deserve in the years ahead, to name just one group that should "actually" be strung up.

Anyway I am a trader and below are the trades I am looking at for Monday. This is NOT trading advice at all I just wanted to give something to the site.

Please note a lot of these trades are correlated and would not take all of them but often some get filled and some don't. I manage my risk according to my fills, I am very active and monitor the trades closely. I have no idea what peoples risk tolerance is etc, so do not blindly follow these trades, it would be dangerous. Take the info for what it is worth.

Silver (cash): long 16.285, stop 15.88 (although this is not a hard stop for me, as I am happy to be flexible on something as volatile as silver right now)

Copper: long 218, stop 212

Nasdaq (cash): short 4498, stop 4605 (I am trying this a little early but I still have valid price action reasons to do so)

GBPNZD: long 20740 & 20552, stop 20395

AUDNZD: long 11675, stop 11070

EURUSD: long 11185, stop 11135 ( a bit of a punt at picking a low rather than going with a new trend)

GBPUSD: long 14235, stop 14125

USDJPY: long 10993, stop 10915

EURJPY: long 12418, stop 12325

GBPJPY: long 15753, stop 15645

CADJPY: long 8690, stop 8583

GBPAUD; long, 18403, stop 18290


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