Valuation Analysis for Gold Miners?

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Valuation Analysis for Gold Miners?

I am a real novice when trying to determine which stocks to buy on a  true valuation basis. Has anyone put together a spread sheet for the gold miners, that works thru their valuation based on know resources? And is willing to share it? It looks like the miners could be bottoming. I was thinking of reallocating some of my stocks. I just need a little (lot) help with valuation. Which stocks have been beaten down the most and thus should take off when the market returns? I currently hold.




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Stock research

Looking at what you already own you just need to switch your holdings in AEM and SLW into their long-term warrants. AEM (wt.U) and SLW (wt.U).

A great site to do your own research (there is no easy way!) is

A great site for articles on investing in the mining sector is

Regarding warrants:

Warrants are a better choice than the stock because they are priced 45% to 65% less (AEM's is 65% less; SLW's 55% less) than the stock and will appreciate 50-100% more than the stock should the stock appreciate. Warrants give you more bang for your buck than the actual stock in a rising market. That's what warrants are all about - leverage.

I have written many articles on commodity-related long-term warrants (I seem to be the only one doing so) over the past 7/8  years and developed 2 proprietary indexes - the Gold and Silver Warrants index (GSWI) and the broader Commodity-related Company Warrants Index (CCWI). You can get all the details here:

1. The “Secret” World of Gold & Silver Company Warrants

2. Gold & Silver Warrants Index (GSWI) Update

3. Buying Gold & Silver Company Warrants is Easy & Profitable – Here’s How (and Why!)

Enjoy and profit.

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