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Man vs Person

They are the same thing are they not? No, words matter and welcome to a wonderful journey to freedom

This forum is for those open-minded men and women who want to explore, understand and most importantly find solutions to the current tax and federal system. There is a long, long, long game being played to enslave and extract from society. This is not the first go round for the priestcraft (TPTB), but as far as I can surmise it is the first where there is a method (internet) that can allow the insights and success of one man to be quickly added to the connected and the solution to spread.

There is remedy, however the biggest obstacle will be the person looking at you in the mirror. There have been generations upon generations of conditioning. This conditioning is to have us to live in the world of the dead. That world is two-dimensional and exists only on paper. That is the world of contracts.

This forum was prompted by a video Safety Dan posted by Ken Cousens.

Ken Cousens: The History of the World System, Pando Populus Conference 2015

I suggest you learn how to save video’s to your hard drive as good ones get scrubbed. Not all information on the Internet is true or in your best interest (fancy that). I hope this forum will draw out your critical thinking skills as you are going to need them.

If you decided to study this subject matter and look for solutions you will be in for one heck of a ride. Sovereign citizens, patriot movement, freeman on the land, collect on your birth certificate, have all had their day in the spot light. That is not what this forum is about. Knowing who you are, structuring your affairs for the living and not for the dead and realizing you are where you are because of what you have done, is the first goal of this forum. The second is to direct members to resources and for us to learn and share how to remain in honor and utilize the remedies available.

I suggest people really interested in learning get the following (Abe books is a good place to start)

Black law dictionary 6th or lower addition

Bouvier’s law dictionary

King James Bible

Unabridged dictionary

A understanding of how to navigate government websites (it is all there for us read)

A note pad

A open mind that is willing to ask questions and accept answers that may be unexpected

A point of caution, I am not an expert. I do my own thinking but listen to others. I encourage you to do the same. I have been on this path of discovery for several years now and I do not have all the answers. Ultimately what you decide to do with this information is your individual choice.

Let get rolling and see what we can learn


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