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Preps for key derby preps

Ok yeah it's early... Really early but people wanna bet those very foolish future derby pools,.... So my thoughts are as usual there are at least 30 who deserve to be looked at. Maybe three will be around still first Saturday in May. However, as I thought the powers to be ruin everything and they ruined the derby already. They switched to point system from a cash earned system to get in. This was to produce a triple crown winner and it did. It also produced sluggish boring races with no speed and route runners. Cali chrome would have been the ultimate Cinderella story and it almost happened if he hadn't had his hind foot taken off when the Belmont happened. American pharaoh was aesthetically the best moving horse I've ever seen but is he the best? Who knows, we never will. Thank wall st for killing another American tradition, I've lost my fever for the derby .,, Yet it's being run and this year it's not runner up frosted but moyahem, same owner, same trainer, same sire but better horse overall. He's week kneed but he killed it yesterday in the holy bull against 3 other top contenders. He can stretch it out too and he's now undefeated. So to the top he goes after demolishing green point crusader and big e conquest. However, I'm of the opinion that no derby horse should be on the track yet. Last years champ Nyquist will be starting in 2 weeks too. Yet, the holy bull was for 350k and only six horses entered????? WTF is with that. Same crap we saw last year. We race for points now instead of $$$$. I'm still strong on baffert so lightly raced drefrong. He's tearing up the training track instead of making money. I don't know if baffert will have enough time to get him ready. The best 3 yr old in the country is an amazing filly named songbird but she won't get a chance cuz she's not running for points. Admittedly her owner is rightly gun shy cuz he owned the ill fated filly 8 belles who was 2nd to big brown and was euthanized on the track that derby year. Even so the mares have simply been more competitive and new system keeps them out, Oh and my other early pick, black ops he's done. What idiots - they enter him early January ... One thing I'm certain of it wont be 37 years before we see another triple crown winner and if this newest son of tapir holds up he could be it.... Same style.... Really good looking, stretches out nicely and main competition might be from Japan ,,lani another tapit and another much better Meydan horse blue creek who will hook up in a few weeks over there.... It's racing so it changes from day to day... But if ur inclined to floodlishly play future pools those are my calls this week, this year it's just outta habit for me, I really hate set ups.... Just FYI Moyaham is Arabic for protector

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