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Big Corporate Screw U Business Model

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Big Corporate Screw U Business Model

Has anyone else noticed how many big corporations have a 'screw U customer' business plan ?  I recently found this out, again, when trying to cancel an internet email service. It took more than an hour after being put on hold and disconnected several times. I was finally able to get it done while talking to their phone rep in India. I had a similar experience recently with a mobile internet data service which I had canceled. I was told by the rep that I could put the account on suspension and have it as 'an emergency back up, just in case it was needed'. I wouldnt be charged unless I actually used the service. And no bills would be sent unless than happened.  They had turned on the service again automatically without my knowing it. Gotcha !  Gotta read the really small print only found on their website. I called and disputed the charges a year and a half ago and was told the would be erased. Today I got a new letter demanding payment.  I'm disputing these bogus charges. It burns me to waste more time, attention, and money on this (certified letter will need to be sent.)

Why dont these companies just offer a good service at a decent price instead of playing these games. Its different when youre dealing with your local businessman from your community face-to-face. With these big corporate jerks youre nothing but an income stream, a source for their quarterly numbers. Guess I'm venting a bit, but there's much that is wrong in America today in these examples. Anybody else have corporate 'Screw the customer' stories to tell ? 

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