Response to Gold and Silver will not make you rich. History repeats itself over and over and over and..........................

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Response to Gold and Silver will not make you rich. History repeats itself over and over and over and..........................

Dear Mr. JackMeOff, You make lots of valid points and have lots of great analysis to back them up, but the one thing you are not including in your analysis is the looking back at situations that are exactly the same many times over in history. Same story, currency starts off as real money then the empire in question hits an economic wall they don't have enough currency on hand to expand as they wish to I mean you can't just conjure up all the gold and silver you want to accelerate the expansion of your empire right?? Well they get together and say hey let's create a fractional central banking system or some variation of a fractional central bank system. Anyway at some point they're first economic crisis happens and for the first time the people lose faith in this CURRENCY and they decide they want to cash it in for guess what??? that's right the gold and silver that they are guaranteed by demand, but too many people try this at the same time so much so that the empire decides we don't actually have all the MONEY to back up this CURRENCY. Opps.... So then they decide you know what we don't need no stinking gold to back up our currency our empire stands on it's own. Then BOOM without they're currency tied down big bad gold and silver they are free to make as much money as possible and inflation takes place at first everything seems great the economy is really booming wow. Then it gets out of control but they just make more and more and more until it's worthless. People are making the same amount of money but prices are rising fast. In comes from the heaven's Gold and Silver to take back it's crown as the only true MONEY man has EVER known. The correction happens and MASSIVE amounts of wealth are transferred. What you must also understand is that when things correct they ALWAYS over correct so at the end of this cycle Gold and Silver will be over valued before we go right back to the beginning. Your right people need to ignore the dollar amounts of gold and silver it is the VALUE of something that drives the purchasing power and gold and silver NEVER lose they're true value, the end game every time is gold and silver always beat central banks and fiat currency. You think I'm just making this up? Look up the history of ancient Greece the first empire to experience this, then look up Rome still not enough for you look up pre world war 2 Germany. The last thing to add to this is we make these empire's inflation game look like child's play this is by far the biggest and most extreme correction that will take place in all of history. With that I say I disagree with your post sir.

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"Dear Mr. JackMeOff," now I have to clean the coffee I sprayed all over my keyboard, LMAO.

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Nice Post Beetlebum.  Hat

Nice Post Beetlebum. Hat tip!!!

There was another form of currency debasement even before the introduction of paper money. This was done to the precious metals themselves when they were used as currency.....their weights and measures adjusted and diluted just enough for Empires and Governments to expand yet not arouse the suspicion of it's people. Gold and silver coins were shaved. If you ever wondered why coins have ridges on their rims you now know why - it was to prevent the shaving of metals or at least designed to detect a coin which had been shaved. Also, the metal composition was also tempered with by Empires.

And let's not forget, Silver was banished from America's coinage in 1965 with nary a peep from the people. The government obviously knew they were fooling the people, even today they still put ridges on worthless dimes and quarters.

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Good post, but remember to

Good post, but remember to use "their" instead of "they're"

Also missing some critical punctuation in the beginning. Sorry to be a pain. :) I do agree with your ideas though original poster.

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