Oceans in Distress

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Oceans in Distress

Not sure if this article is relevant but I found the information really disturbing.

Oceans in distress foreshadow mass extinction

I have a beach in Fiji and all the coral has died mainly due to the silt from a nearby river. I believe that the earth is sick and this is just more evidence of what's happening around the world. My preparation for oncoming financial crisis was to go back to my beach which has natural water spring. But every day there is more information on how nature is going to make it harder for us to survive.

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Tue, Jun 21, 2011 - 10:21am
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earths sick?

My earth science professor just informed me that seeds and leaves of the fig plant were fond in an ice core sample from the northern Arctic circle. What he said was that we are still in the tail end of the present "Ice Age". Apparently there have been five ice ages that are detectable so far, and in between each ice age there is a period of warming were both ice caps completely melt. We need to remember we are floating around on a massive bowl made of rock that is filled with water. The earth can not get sick and will always be just fine. Now can the creatures living on the earth become overly specialized and too comfortable? Yup. Can earthly creatures lose balance of their ecosystem and destroy their own habitat? Yup. A friend of mine was hunting one day and saw a pond far away filled to the brim with geese, he loves duck and goose lard as much as my self and got closer to get a shot off. As he got closer he noticed zero movement. Soon he realized the small pond was a cesspool of dead geese. Obviously, that ecosystem was way out of balance.

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