The Misery Index

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The Misery Index

The misery index;

Inflation rate + unemployment rate = misery index.

Past: Historic high occurred in June 1980 at 22.0%

Today: 9.1% unemployment (official) + 3.6% consumer price index (official) = 12.7% misery index (official)

We all know and is generally accepted now, that the governmental statistics are nothing more then works of fiction!

Shadowstats: 22.3% unemployment + 11.2% consumer price index = 33.5% misery index (reality)

A full 11.5% above the all time record high set 31 years ago! So, is it little wonder at the amount of pessimism that is present in the society in general? And why the government (at all levels) is viewed with high suspicion?

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Nice.  Thanks for the

Nice.  Thanks for the info.

Hat tip 4 U.

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