Life in a Post-Work World

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Life in a Post-Work World

You need to read the article:

I'm now living out in the country on a friend's property in my travel trailer, and I'm deciding whether to get a portable cabin building to finish out on March 1st or before.  Unfortunately, silver is crashing in a 6-year low, and I have no idea when it's coming back up again, though I knew that it would never reach $50 before this past fall.  I've been too busy trying to figure out what the FUCK to do for the next 25-30 years.  I'm trying to get into English tutoring for students in my area.  I tried to comment in the "Living a Lie" article, but comments are disabled for some reason, so I was going to say in relation to that article, read the linked article and realize that America's economy and living of standard as it is now is completely unsustainable.  My hosts of this property just sold their old house, and they will use the money to pay off the other loan and pay this new property off in entirety and not have a mortgage anymore.  NOBODY not in a 9-5 professional job will be able to sustain the payments needed for their American Dream.

Now I'm wondering about the rate hike at next week's FOMC meeting and how that will affect metal prices.  I'm ready for this drought to end.

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Always been worried about this

I'm not that far from the mentioned Youngstown ...

Our entire area has been decimated by steel loss, then coal and now shale.

It's obvious we have to do a 180 and go back to being self sufficient and relearn old trades of feeding, clothing and building shelter from what we have. That will take up all your time, it's just a fact that modern appliances will be unaffordable and we better learn the old skills and newer ones to compensate for them.

This is why I am completely against mass immigration.

I envision for those of us not in the 1 percent needing very strong community ties to share resources and skill and barter... Big city folks can't even feed themselves for a week,

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