The imminent collapse of the global fiat currency system and pm's

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The imminent collapse of the global fiat currency system and pm's

Ranting Andy Special #3: Psst, I Have a Secret

RANTING ANDY - In recent weeks, I have focused on the same theme, the intensification of Cartel suppression of PAPER gold and silver, as well as PM mining stocks, in the past six months. The reason for this acceleration of illegal activity is pretty obvious, and ominous, i.e. the imminent collapse of the global fiat currency system. And when I say imminent I do not mean “someday”, I mean some day very, very soon.

How will this collapse occur?

I wish I knew, but I can say for sure that it will look NOTHING like the 1930s depression, the 1970s inflationary crisis, or even Weimar Germany. Markets never repeat identically, and frankly making comparisons between the 1920s in Germany or the 1970s in America and now are, at best, comical, and at worst, completely baseless.

This is a GLOBAL currency crisis, not a German issue like in the 1920s (due to World War I reparations) or an American issue in the 1970s (due to the Arab oil Embargo and other isolated issues). The entire Western World is embroiled in it, led into the abyss by the horrifically selfish and destructive economic policies of New York, London, Tokyo, and, collectively, the European Economic Community.

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GoldMoneyNews - It's what James Turk says !

This was posted on another thread.
I am reposting the link here.

The party is over people.

I will not be hung over.

Will you?

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Turk's Lecture

Thanks for that Strongsidejedi. Wow, he sure looks concerned. Can you imagine what would happen if people saw this instead of American Idol?

"To save yourself from all this that has happened and will continue to happen requires commitment and courage. You have it or you do not. Admit who you are and act accordingly." Jim Sinclair, December 18, 2012.
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Those last four of Turk's charts are amazing!

Nice post, I haven't seen the case for gold and silver made so short, sweet and relevant as James Turk has presented!