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Flyinkel's Korner

At Flyinkel's Korner we post experience, thoughts, actions.

An (E) at the end of the paragraph means experience.

A (G) is best guess.

A (D) is deduction as many E items or writings lead to this particular conclusion.

Sometimes it may be necessary to break up paragraphs. I won't delineate all, only items that seem particularly relevant. As "read in" as most here feel they are, we are starkly lacking in conception of how what is happening today can have implications for us and our families. While we see a corrupt system, we just can't comprehend the enormity of situation at hand, the entirety of the situation at hand. I will try to fill in what I know from my stovepipe, if others share their stovepipe perhaps we can better figure the whole factory. Please feel free to share.