Best Options/Calls For Today's Insane 'Market'

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Best Options/Calls For Today's Insane 'Market'

This is a really tough environment to buy calls. ..Well, maybe not for the seasoned options trader but for me it's like trying to untangle a big ball of tightly wound string. I can't figure out where to start and which thread to pull.

Shying away from SLV & GLD because it appears the paper game may be in its end game. Who knows though. IF QEIII is hinted at the equities may do well so it makes me shy away from those ultra shorts on the markets that I'm thinking about.

Any of you have any good options trades you'd care to discuss?

ETFs? ..Equities? ..Miners? ..Oil? ..Ag? .........I'm looking to add some NTM calls because I seem to have done best with those.

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