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Joseph Warren
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The Grind

Hi everyone. In the main thread today I posted that maybe I'll start taking a different approach to Turdville (and other media too). The last few years have been a real grind for many of us invested in PMs. You can see how tough that has been on people's nerves. (Many long time Turdites have left the website and perhaps they also dumped their PMs.) - - I no longer actively trade. I have physical as insurance and for the long term. There's really no reason for me to follow every tick, minute-to-minute, as in the past. There's also no reason to be completely absorbed following very bit of news out there. This is especially true when you can't directly impact those particular events.

This is Not about putting your head in the sand. It is not about ignor-ance, which may be defined as purposely ignoring the evidence right in front of you which is readily available. To me, this is about preserving and strengthening the resources you have, including your mental energy & the hours you have each day. Once you wake up to the corruption of the fiat bankster system, gathering more evidence of that really isnt necessary. Would that additional bit of information change your personal strategy in any way ?

So, maybe I'll just listen to Turd's podcast summary at the end of the trading day. And maybe I'll just listen to only the Friday podcast summary of what happened that week. Maybe I won't spend so much time checking out every bit of news. - I imagine if WW 3 breaks out or another 1929 style stock market crash occurs, I'll find out about.

I confess to being a financial markets and news junkie. So if I actually take this approach, I'll see if it works for me. I'd appreciate hearing from others on their thoughts for handling 'The Grind'. Thank you

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