American Manganese Inc. AMY TSX / AMYZF - MMMMMM Manganese

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American Manganese Inc. AMY TSX / AMYZF - MMMMMM Manganese


Not just vital for steel production. Manganese has an excellent role to play in battery technology and a bright future.

American Manganese is special because the Chinese dominate this market. They are located in the lovely state of Arizona and their processing plans are environmentally friendly and awaiting patent. America and China have import and export duties on manganese so an American based producer is going to be competitive on price.Yes wildcat Silver has manganese, but its not their main focus.

MMMMMM Manganese (Homer Simpson voice)

1) American Manganese Inc. Ticker Symbol: TSX-V: AMY (formerly: Rocher Deboule Minerals Corp.) is a company focused on the exploration and development of metals crucial to the steel production indus-try. The major focus of the Company is on manganese particularly in Arizona at Artillery Peak and more recently their Rare Earth Niobium Property at Manson Creek, B.C. AMY could potentially become the lowest cost producer of electrolytic manganese in the world at $0.44/lb. compared to China at $0.98/lb., before the 20% Export Duty.

2) This is a great interview with Larry Reaugh from MArch 2011.

3) Ken Reser: Manganese, a Major Growth OpportunitySource: George Mack of The Gold Report 03/16/2011

TGR: You said manganese is a strategic metal, which implies there are no substitutes for its uses.KR: Yes, that's correct. There is no substitute for manganese in its many applications.TGR: And you believe there will continue to be new uses for the metal?KR: I do.TGR: How do you quantify manganese dependence in the U.S. and the rest of North America?KR: 100%, unequivocally 100%. The U.S. does some recycling, but that's marginal.

4) recent drill results

5)Company Financials

Note, happily own shares in this company

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