American Manganese Inc. AMY TSX / AMYZF - MMMMMM Manganese

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American Manganese Inc. AMY TSX / AMYZF - MMMMMM Manganese

Not just vital for steel production. Manganese has an excellent role to play in battery technology and a bright future.

American Manganese is special because the Chinese dominate this market.  They are located in the lovely state of Arizona and their processing plans are environmentally friendly and awaiting patent.  America and China  have import and export duties on manganese so an American based producer is going to be competitive on price.Yes wildcat Silver has manganese, but its not their main focus.

MMMMMM Manganese (Homer Simpson voice)

1) American Manganese Inc. Ticker Symbol: TSX-V: AMY (formerly: Rocher Deboule Minerals Corp.) is a company focused on the exploration and development of metals crucial to the steel production indus-try. The major focus of the Company is on manganese particularly in Arizona at Artillery Peak and more recently their Rare Earth Niobium Property at Manson Creek, B.C. AMY could potentially become the lowest cost producer of electrolytic manganese in the world at $0.44/lb. compared to China at $0.98/lb., before the 20% Export Duty. 

2) This is a great interview with Larry Reaugh from MArch 2011.

3) Ken Reser: Manganese, a Major Growth Opportunity
Source: George Mack of The Gold Report  03/16/2011

TGR: You said manganese is a strategic metal, which implies there are no substitutes for its uses.
KR: Yes, that's correct. There is no substitute for manganese in its many applications.
TGR: And you believe there will continue to be new uses for the metal?
KR: I do.
TGR: How do you quantify manganese dependence in the U.S. and the rest of North America?
KR: 100%, unequivocally 100%. The U.S. does some recycling, but that's marginal.

4) recent drill results

5)Company Financials

Note, happily own shares in this company

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American Manganese ++++

This is a great speculation stock.  They will be the cheapest producer of manganese in the world.  Even cheaper than China!!  Will be especially great when they start using manganese in batteries.


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Personally, I prefer Wildcat

Personally, I prefer Wildcat Silver to American Manganese for the simple reason that besides its massive manganese deposits, Wildcat also has 120 million ounces of silver inferred and indicated, and they're expecting to double that resource estimate to a whopping 240 million ounces. Despite that American Manganese has 4440500 tonnes of manganese, one million tonne more than Wildcat's, it's with 0.9% much lower than wildcat's 7.66%. The only positive things about American manganese is that they have a lower MC with 71.5 million compared to wildcats 250 million and that American Manganese is going to be an open pit mine, while Wildcat will have to go underground for some of its ore.

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what is MC?

What is "MC"? american Manganese is definitely manganese bet.  their patent application is quite nifty. I like Wildcat too for that made in america poly metallic qualift  hassle free permitting => 

1M more tons?  that doesn't compute with whats o their respective websites.

in early 2010 which increased the size of the resource and upgraded a significant portion to the indicated category. A second update to the mineral resource estimate was published in May 2010. Hermosa is now estimated to contain an indicated resource of 36 million ounces of silver and 410,000 tonnes of manganese, plus an inferred resource of 85 million ounces of silver and 3.4 million tonnes of manganese, as detailed below:


American Manganese Inc. completed the assembly of all target properties in the Artillery Peak manganese district, and drilling and metallurgical testing programs were executed.  A new NI43-101  resource study has been completed in 2010 as follows:

                         TONNES             GRADE        Mn IN BILLIONS
                                                      %Mn            OF POUNDS

Indicated         92,823,925              3.27                6.686
Inferred          107,211,073              3.76                8.881

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Lithium-Ion Battery Developments: Most Affected Key Companies an

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Patent Application Submitted for Artillery Peak Manganese Extrac

Patent Application Submitted for Artillery Peak Manganese Extraction Process

August 30, 2011 - Vancouver, British Columbia

Larry W. Reaugh, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Manganese Inc., (TSX.V: AMY; Pink Sheets: AMYZF; Frankfurt: 2AM) (“American Manganese” or the “Company”) is pleased to report the Company has submitted its full patent application for the hydro-metallurgical process the Company developed to extract manganese from its Artillery Peak Manganese deposit. 

Mr. Reaugh states that “The process combines a series of conventional technologies in a unique configuration that is designed to be energy and water efficient.  The continuous bench scale pilot plant test program that is currently underway is corroborating the conceptual process previously described in the report, “The Recovery of Manganese from Low Grade Resources:  Bench Scale Test Program Completed”, prepared by Kemetco Research Inc. of Richmond, BC.  This intellectual property is one of the cornerstones of the Company’s business plan.”

Mr. Reaugh goes on to say:  “The Company is financially strong with $7 million in the bank, more than enough to complete the ongoing pilot plant test, pre-feasibility study and environmental and regulatory permitting as well as begin the final feasibility report.”

The current NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate of the Artillery Peak Manganese deposit includes an Indicated resource of about 92.8 million tonnes grading 3.27% Mn (6.7 billion lbs contained Mn), and an Inferred resource of about 107.2 million tonnes grading 3.76% Mn (8.9 billion lbs contained Mn).

About Kemetco Research Inc.

Kemetco Research Inc. is a privately owned contract research and development company specializing in extractive metallurgy, chemical processing and specialty chemical analysis.  It was formed after the acquisition of the industrial process division of B.C. Research; which had been in operation for over 60 years as a research and development contractor in British Columbia.

About Manganese

China controls electrolytic manganese production (EMM) supplying and producing 98.44% of the world’s needs (3.0 billion pounds per year).

There is no substitute for manganese in steel (total manganese market greater than 31 billion pounds per year, fourth largest traded metal).

Manganese is the most critical metal at risk to supply and restriction in the United States as there is no US production. EMM’s greatest uses are the upgrading of specialty steel (47%), and the manufacture of aluminum alloys (32%) and electronics (14%).

Electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) for the battery industry is expected to be the fastest growing segment of the manganese market.

China has a 20% export duty on EMM and the US has a 14% import duty; (US Price $1.81/lb) the current world price for Electrolytic Manganese Metal is about $1.54/lb.  Manganese resources are declining in China especially carbonate ores for production of EMM, forcing Chinese companies to seek production offshore.

China is currently shutting down production of EMM in several provinces for environmental reasons.

China production of EMM predicted to fall 500 – 700,000 T’s out of 1.4 million T’s in next 3 – 5 years.

About American Manganese Inc:

American Manganese Inc. is a diversified specialty and critical metal Company focusing on potentially becoming the lowest cost producer of electrolytic manganese from its Arizona Manganese Project.  The Company is well financed to execute its contemplated work programs.

This release has been reviewed by John W. Fisher, P. Eng., a qualified person pursuant to National Instrument 43-101.

On behalf of Management


Larry W. Reaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer

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