As Silver Supplies Dwindle, Price Continues to Fall- Why?

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As Silver Supplies Dwindle, Price Continues to Fall- Why?

Looks like many of the small to mid size online bullion dealers are flat out of silver, while the larger ones have limited product selection and wait lists for many items.

Yet the price of silver continues to fall ( up, however the past couple of trading days)

Here are some potential explanations from Is there a silver shortage?

-coin demand is but a small part of overall silver demand


-retail vs whole sale shortage

-supply is keeping up (or has until recently) with demand


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No one gives a....

Ain't no one care about precious metal investors!

Industry is the ONLY concern... a certain amount of Ag goes into a iPhone6.   If crapple cannot get that Ag to make a iPhone then it's end game.   If every American cannot purchase a ASE for $1000  aint no one give a crap

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It's been that way for a

It's been that way for a couple of cycles.  Defies what we think of supply and demand yet there it is.

Oh and if one is using coins as some kind of proxy for anything but, well, coins then one has some serious blind spots.

If you are ever in doubt about silver availability be sure to visit this store and satisfy yourself that you can get solid bullion.  Right now they are out of the 5 and 10 oz ingots but you can slice up the available 1 kg or even a 50 oz poured bar.   I liked the poured bar so much I put a picture of one I gave away as a gift in my avatar.  Stamped the lettering in it myself and that was fun (name has been photoshop smeared as I didn't want to make that public)

The convenient 1 oz or 5 oz rounds and bars go in and out of stock but not connected to price in any way that I can tell so it may be related to how fast they make them. 


Swing trade indexed ETFs. Long physical gold, silver, and 1 miner.

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