Do You Guys Bother Anymore ?

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Joseph Warren
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Do You Guys Bother Anymore ?

Recently I had another email exchange with someone over the coming federal presidential elections. IMO - between unaudited electronic 'voting' machines and lots of evidence that the agenda stays the same whether a R or D is in office, - - - its all a fraud.  

I passed on this quote - -

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideas and polices, one, perhaps of the 'Right', and the other of the 'Left' is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so the American people can "throw the rascals out" at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy." -

Prof Carroll Quigley - Harvard & Georgetown Univ - top advisor to government & corporations & official historian for the owner/rulers of the country. Praised by Bill Clinton during his inauguration speech. Quigley mentored him and many others.

Of course, I got the same kind of response I've gotten for the last 10 years. No addressing of any of the evidence or arguments I brought up. Nothing but an ad hominem personal attack on me.  Whatever.

I should know better by now.  Just curious if you folks still try to pass on information to others on the current system ?  I don't initiate the discussion, but respond like above when they bring up the election, economy, etc.  But, not once has anyone really even looked into any of the points I brought up in a face-to-face conversation. Though a few times that did happen online.

Its probably better to concentrate on my own preparations at this point. At some point, perhaps progress can be made at a local level.

What's been your experience with this ?  Thanks

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@ JW ...

I posted this today on a different thread.  It may or may not pertain to your query, but it is well worth the read.  Lawlessness is, I believe, the law of the day.  This article does address a solution or, at the least, a direction in which to proceed.


Didn't want to leave ya' 'twistin' in the wind', so to speak.     yes  

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Surprise! people are waking up all by themselves

Ex American at work last week just splurted out some new found info on 9/11. Last person I would have expected given the denial experienced by most Americans. Could be something in the NZ water, but I actually think the world has turned.

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