Assistance required please

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Assistance required please

Hiya fellow turdites, this sites great and I'm sure others keep coming up with queries and questions that they'd like the teams help on. For that reason I thought I'd set up a new thread and use the groups knowledge to try and assist us all.

If anyones got a trading question they need help on please post it here

To start could anyone answer me the following;

1) How many (or what's the value of the) short positions Blythe currently holds? The reason for the question is to try and ascertain whether the paper market will fold or just damage but not break JPM, ie what's it going to cost her at say $50 p/oz Silver to cover the shorts.

2) Does anyone use the Kitco gold index page

The reason for asking is I've been following the 'change due to normal trading' figures for the last couple of weeks in order to try and get a better entry point for dealing by using the stretch % between au & ag prices excluding $ variation. According to my data over the last 3 weeks Ag is, as of tonight, cumulative now minus 267 points (2.67%) vs AU over the period. As 2.67% equates to $0.96 Ag should be trading at $36.96 in order to be on a par with Au. Analysis please?

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