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Sat, Oct 31, 2015 - 4:16pm silver66
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AM subconscious.............................

Reading through some of the posts on the relation of emotion and the subconscious got me to thinking. How much human emotion is the product of the subconscious vs the accepted thought feeling connection theorized in cognitive behavioral psychology. I believe that many of the automatic thoughts experienced by everyone is not necessarily subconscious but more repressed or ignored thoughts (happening very fast) as it is easier than being truly introspective and honest with ones self.

It seems to me that automatic thoughts are nothing more than interpretations filtered through pre existing beliefs. Beliefs/memories laid down in childhood are especially strong whether they be right or wrong . Thinking errors IMO are the biggest cause of distorted emotions. It will however take conscious effort to identify the triggers and reframe the inaccurate thoughts/interpretations. Would it be out of context to say that "the Truth will set you free".

Thanks to all who participate here, I appreciate the time and knowledge that everyone shares.

Sat, Oct 31, 2015 - 6:07pm
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Russian crash

was searching a youtube link for RT about crash

This popped up

9/11 Flight 93 Shanksville, No Plane! No Crash!

Here is the RT video

First video from 7K9268 A321 crash site in Sinai

IWWTI that an hour after the crash, there were politicians/news reporter telling us what happened. Their analytic ability is amazing


Silver66 Rage against the dying of the light

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If they can target you in your bed as you sleep, how is that accomplished?

Are you talking about the astral weapons Steven Greer describes? Or something else that is less focused on a single individual and more general population in nature?

Sat, Oct 31, 2015 - 7:01pm Jeremiah Jr
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@ Jeremiah Jr,

Jeremiah Jr,

I appreciate your due diligence in at least hearing out a couple of hours of Mark. You're right in your assumption that the 10 hour Version explains some of your questions, but I would not want to submit you to such torture. By the way, I'd be happy to buy you a beer. despite the fact that I do not drink.

You raise some interesting issues, and I'll go through them point by point, off the top of my head, and I will try to explain some of the missing pieces from the longer version.

For starters, Marks "random personal assertions" come from a lifelong study "Occult" knowledge handed down through secret societies over tens of thousands of years. There is nothing "new" in his presentations at all. He considers himself an aggregator of information, and feels strongly that informing humanity of the deceptions they've been living under is vitally important to end the enslavement of humanity.

So you think Mark is a little bit more passionate about this topic than I am? I would tend to agree. But it's all relative. Just like Green Lantern makes a conscious effort to be unoffensive wherever possible, I don't make such considerations, but I am generally unoffensive by nature. Of course on a topic such as this, where lifelong beliefs are challenged, people do become offended regardless. Such is life. I would concur that Mark is a bit more assertive than I am, but I tend to interpret his demeanor as impassioned, more than angered. That might just be a result of my own conditioning,

For years, I felt edgy and jittery just listening to my wife, and getting over that takes years of practice. Compared to her, Mark is as offensive as a cuddly little kitten, purring away on the edge of the sofa.

So you asked, "is it wrong to impose your morality on others?” Of course it is, I don't think either of us consider the other imposing our type of morality on the other, after all, these discussions have been ongoing for years now, and I would consider them voluntary on both sides.

The people in the room with Mark actually paid to be there. They could have gotten up and left anytime they wished.

To impose anything, requires violence, Or at least a credible threat of it. Your typical jihadist demanding you convert to Islam or he cuts your head off would be a good example of "an imposition of morality”. I state unequivocally, that is wrong.

I think the general message was that the universe itself imposes morality, the laws that Mark was speaking of are inherent in nature, are not man-made, but designed into the fabric of the universe, by its creator. You can abide by these universal principles, and the universe itself will conspire to help you, or you can disregard them at your own expense, as there will be a price to pay. In that context, the creator of all things does in fact impose its own brand of morality upon all of humanity. Our current state of affairs is a direct result of ignoring this basic moral code.

Your assumption that I would be turned off by Marks constant referrals to God, or the creator, is misinformed. I do believe in a “God", and I do believe in a creator of all things. In that context, I am a firm believer in "intelligent design”. I simply do not believe in the version of God described in the Old Testament, and I think the teachings of Jesus Christ have been severely butchered by the Vatican when compiling the official text. This is why I tend to look outside of Biblical dogma in the pursuit of truth.

Christ was well-connected to his source, the creator of all things, or universal intelligence. He even referred to it as "father”.

It is this very connection to the creator that is considered "Christ consciousness”. There are other names to describe this as well, but your question specifically addressed that term. It is only in the Bible where it is reported that only one person to ever walk the planet in the entire history of it could be considered ”divine". Is my belief that there are many examples throughout history, of people who have perfected their connection to their source, Jesus was one of many. His teachings were designed to help others improve their conscious contact with their creator.

So you think that Mark Passio hijacked Jesus Christ by asserting he was an anarchist? Well, I thought that his explanation of that term, and how Jesus Christ applied to it was well stated. Personally, I think the Vatican hijacked Jesus Christ when they promoted him to the status of deity, making what he taught unobtainable by any mortal man. It is at this point where the teachings of Christ that were intended to free mankind from the enslavement of the system were Incorporated into the very control system that Jesus Christ was firmly opposed to. Hijacked would also be a suitable description.

Did Jesus Christ submit to the authority of the father? Or did he just abide by the natural laws that govern the universe?

An age old theological question that won't be answered in this post, but it does point out a difference in perspective.

When I state natural laws in the simplest possible context such as "don't lie, and don't take other peoples stuff”, I'm quoting our old buddy Puck T Smith

Who had an inate talent at simplifying what is an area of research that can take a lifetime to unravel.

Even the 10 hour version is greatly abbreviated, as the individual points that he gives are nothing but an overview, and can be deeply researched individually. Ultimately, natural law requires that you do no harm to any other individual, take responsibility for your own life, responsibility for your own defense, but essentially, strive to live in harmony with all that is.

There is a YouTube video of Mark Passio's arrest, it's quite entertaining.

If you recall, I had a discussion months back with NYVIEW regarding compliance with the control system, where judgment calls need to be made pertaining to where to draw such lines. Should Mark have been true to his principles and shot the cops as you asserted, leading to certain death? Or would it be wiser to make as big a scene as possible out of it, and live another day? Mark made his choice.

I have license plates on my car, because I do not wish to be harassed every time I travel from town to town. It's a judgment call. Our current system has an inherent ability to extort a great deal of money from numerous sources as I'm sure you are aware. I personally feel it's my moral obligation to cheat them out of as much of my hard earned money as possible, knowing full well, they are also working to cheat me out of as much of my hard earned money as possible. Where the line is drawn is an individual choice. California Lawyer weighed in on this topic, and basically agreed with my position that the entire system is based on corruption and theft, and we all have to decide which thefts we will comply with, and which ones we will not.

Mark made a decision to educate the public on the inherent immorality of government, and getting shot by a cop would have been inconsistent with his goals.

It's really that simple, but you can call it hypocrisy if you wish.

I have heard an interpretation of Romans 13 whereby Jesus could have been arrested and taken away that day, if he had advocated for withholding taxes. It was a trap, and he knew it. His answer "Give Caesar what is Caesar’s" was brilliantly parsed, he saved his own skin, and simultaneously, paid no taxes. Was this hypocrisy too? Or did he simply wish to live another day?

Then again, maybe it never happened, it is after all, the book of Romans, which is widely used to give any legitimacy whatsoever to governments.

As far as Satan's quote from Job, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.”

Just the fact that God did not stand up to Satan, and defend a good man, is a total violation to all that is good. Yes, God violated natural law. It never should've been required that Job surrender all that he has for his life. This is the actions of a tyrant, not of anything that resembles benevolence.

Did I read every word of the book? Of course not, my eyes do glaze over, many passages were meaningless, the ones that I could make heads or tails of , I voiced an opinion. My ability to find deeper meanings in biblical texts Is decidedly inadequate to go toe to toe with anyone approaching the status of a biblical scholar, and an intellectual powerhouse.

I did spend about an hour pouring through the passages, and quite frankly, I was just trying to get the gist of it. I don't think a deeper understanding of it would have changed my opinion of it much.

Besides, have you ever considered who exactly wrote down the verbiage of the conversations between God and Satan?

I'm sure we'd all love to be a fly on the wall in such a conversation, but I am under the distinct impression that it never happened.

It is after all just a morality tale.

Jesus Christ was asked to renounce his beliefs to save his life. He made his choice, and was slaughtered for it.

Mark Passio was arrested for handing out copies of the constitution in front of Liberty Hall in Pennsylvania where the Constitution was written.

Apparently, such freedom of speech requires a permit these days.

By posting the entire incident online, he was at least consistent with his primary goal of educating the populace. I must tell you, if you think he's passionate in his seminars, you should see him with handcuffs on in front of a crowd! But then again, he may actually have been angry that day.

Thanks for watching the flick, I was hoping to at least impart some food for a discussion from my perspective, and admittedly Mark Passio is not for everyone. Your assumption that he resonates with me is valid.

As for individual points, I think we've already had discussions on most of them over the years, so there's no need to rehash them.

Best wishes, and have a nice day.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Oct 31, 2015 - 9:15pm abguy4
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@ abguy4, AG 1969, and the rest of the gang.

On "something stinks in Denmark", the insights that Abguy4 shared from his Indian friend, is very similar to the way I raised my daughter. Even at age 4, she knew the full story of 9/11, the dog eat dog world of competitive robot building, and why there are wars. I was constantly accused by others within the family, of stealing her childhood. Like I previously stated, she was fully briefed on Santa Claus, the nature of the human being, what consciousness is, and where it comes from, and she even had her own opinions on these subjects. Like it was explained, there's much about this world that you really need to know, and I think that unlike Indian parents, most American parents are completely oblivious to the malevolent nature of government, religion, or banking. She knew before she went to school that it was no more than indoctrination camp designed to steal her soul, although I think I put it more like "designed to separate you from who you are,".

As a young adult, she is far beyond her years, and has been for well over a decade now.

As an interesting side note, she was well aware of Mark Passio's work long before there were Mark Passio videos. I'm talking about the subject matter, and the material. We never knew who he was until a year or so ago.

My daughter's opinion of Mark Passio's natural law seminar was that he was too repetitive, and talking to a beginner.

Besides, she would tell me "I already know all that stuff". Those weren't just words, she did.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Oct 31, 2015 - 9:51pm
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True for many concerned adults...............................

Much like many caring parents/adults we " Teach" our kids. The nature or God/ the consequence of evil. Why the Chrysler hemi was the first stock cast motor to handle nitro methane or why a 40.cal is superior to 9mm. The reason why language is evidence of a creator. How to be in the 1o% of fishermen that catch 90% of the fish. The difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic.

You Fix are/were a parent who cared more about their kid than their own personal satisfaction! We are better now for your contribution! As someone who works with teens know my sincerity. The ability to think critically is highly underrated.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 1:28am
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w/out knowing fix..........................

first hand I know Fix invested himself heavily in his daughters life. Please holler if I'm wrong fix. Fixs daughter is and was greatly loved IMO.Neglected kids will not so much defend them as seek them with every bit of their being. What I do know is hurt kids. The devoted parents who end up hated are WAY under the bell curve. Don't get me wrong all good parents are briefly hated by wayward teens. "A wayward teen to the rotten core".

Truly neglected kids will die for parents that could not give a shit. Unfortunately,they rarely(or at least on their own) understand their personal worth. There are cultural bents that will defend their parents but with trusted friends/adults will share their loss/pain. This fact scars the people who work with them /sic.

If anything is transparent I hope is my respect for the rich investment that FIX clearly put into his daughter.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 1:30am Big L

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 1:54am BIGNASTY

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Removed comment.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 5:15am
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An interesting take on Syria and air lifting out mercenaries

"Another indicator of what is really going on are reports this week of the large-scale airlifting of jihadist mercenary groups out of Syria. According to senior Syrian army intelligence, up to 500 mercenaries were flown to Yemen onboard Turkish, Qatari and Emirati planes. The fighters were brought to Yemen’s southern city of Aden from where they were dispatched to battle zones inside Yemen by the American-coordinated Saudi coalition. The US-Saudi coalition is waging war in Yemen to reinstall the regime of exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi ousted by Houthi rebels earlier this year.

Aden is under the military control of Saudi and Emirati forces and Yemen’s airspace has been closed off by the coalition coordinated by US and British military planners based in Saudi capital Riyadh. It is inconceivable that plane loads of jihadists could be flown into southern Yemen without the knowledge of Washington.

So what we are seeing here is a concerted effort by Washington and its allies to stem their covert military losses in Syria." https://www.rt.com/op-edge/320356-syria-us-troops-shields/

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 6:52am BIGNASTY

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 7:39am
Jeremiah Jr
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@ Mr. Fix

So you asked, "is it wrong to impose your morality on others?” Of course it is”

Sorry for that Fix, that was a trap; that I knew you would step right into.

By saying “it is wrong to impose your morality upon another’, you contradict yourself, in the very same sentence, for you are making a moral judgment (right from wrong) regarding your imposition of your view of morality upon another. ie; a moral judgment.


“I think the general message was that the universe itself imposes morality, the laws that Mark was speaking of are inherent in nature, are not man-made, but designed into the fabric of the universe, by its creator.” You can abide by these universal principles, and the universe itself will conspire to help you, or you can disregard them at your own expense, as there will be a price to pay. In that context, the creator of all things does in fact impose its own brand of morality upon all of humanity. Our current state of affairs is a direct result of ignoring this basic moral code.

Keep going Fix……. you are now doing a better job of making my point for me that I can. That is exactly what I am getting at, well stated, your almost home.

“Your assumption that I would be turned off by Marks constant referrals to God, or the creator, is misinformed. I do believe in a “God", and I do believe in a creator of all things. In that context, I am a firm believer in "intelligent design”. I simply do not believe in the version of God described in the Old Testament, and I think the teachings of Jesus Christ have been severely butchered by the Vatican when compiling the official text.”

Wow…. Making some serious progress here, I as well, don’t believe in the Vatican’s version either, if you want to see the Father, look at Jesus Christ. John 14:9 Heb 1:3

“When I state natural laws in the simplest possible context such as "don't lie, and don't take other peoples stuff”, I'm quoting our old buddy Puck T Smith”

Those rules from Puck are not natural law Fix, they are moral (difference being right vs. wrong) a natural law is gravity, it (they) are operative outside and impartial to any moral consideration, important point don’t overlook it. Right vs. Wrong

Only mankind is moral, or moral beings, jump into the ocean next to a Great White Shark and see what happens…… perhaps he will have reached enlightenment and will just give you a hug, most likely you will just be eaten.

“I have heard an interpretation of Romans 13 whereby Jesus could have been arrested and taken away that day, if he had advocated for withholding taxes. It was a trap, and he knew it. His answer "Give Caesar what is Caesar’s" was brilliantly parsed, he saved his own skin, and simultaneously, paid no taxes. Was this hypocrisy too? Or did he simply wish to live another day?”

You do err…….

Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.” Matt 27:27.

He paid taxes, yet just up two verses and he lays down the principle, you should not tax your own people, you tax foreigners, that is why the only taxes under the Constitution, when were established and operating under a Constitutional Republic, the only taxes were duties, impost, and excise taxes. All controllable personally.

“He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers?” (foreigners)

In conclusion…….

Apparently, such freedom of speech requires a permit these days.”

Unfortunately Fix, sadly it does, this country is a heartbeat away from martial law and the suspension of the Constitution that in its ever diminished capacity still protects what little freedoms we still have all left, and with that, I agree with both you, and Passio, and would stand next to either of you in defending it.

Yet it will fall, the decay in this country is too deep, we are unanchored, we have come loose from the moorings that made this country great and it is almost time to pay the piper and stand up for what you ultimately believe in.

Just make sure what you believe in, is worth what we will all soon, will have to pay.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 8:03am
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The harmonics of reality

The World is Spirit Clothed in Sound

The Rishi Dîrghatamas tells us something very similar in the ancient Sanskrit text the Rig Veda:

Rig Veda I.164.28
Rishi Dîrghatamas: Prevailing over everything, plasma clouds are, although silent to our human ears, violent roaring shriek sound - sound that permeates the offspring, the forms created in the heliosphere and beyond. He compares the electric universe mechanism to the blinking of the eyes, an on-off switch.

Rig Veda I.164.29
The stars in the Milky Way, by this silent sound moving, it thundering scattered cries, softly regulated responding sound, that is covered over; resting above it, falling to dust, sprinkles below indeed making mortal man who must die, shine forth with reflection, consciously, becoming, toward a concealed place, the covered sound beaten, revealed.

The Sanskrit word Savitâ expresses the continual expansion of Galactic Cosmic Rays that are generated within the center of every galaxy, every galactic core.

These rays carry God-Consciousness, the encoded universal laws,

  • Rta

  • Satya

  • Dharma,

...that are the substratum of all manifestation.


Bruce Cathie - The Harmonic Code Part1

Video unavailable

Bruce Cathie - The Harmonic Code Part 2

Video unavailable

Bruce Cathie - The Harmonic Code Part 4 (Can't find Part 3)

Video unavailable

The Energy Grid Harmonic 695. The Pulse of the Universe


  1. The Branching Areas for Investigation

  2. Mathematics of the World Grid

  3. The Unified Equations

  4. Further Evidence of the UFO Grid

  5. The Mysterious Aerials

  6. Scientists and the UFOs

  7. Mathematical Values of Interest

  8. The Earth’s Magnetic Field

  9. Pythagoras and the Grid

  10. The Maps of the Ancients

  11. Russians and Germans Discover a World Grid System

  12. Tesla - The Forgotten Genius

  13. Space Communication

  1. Where Have All The Flyers Gone

  2. People We Would Like to Know More About

  3. The Secret of Life

  4. The Harmonics of Humans

  5. Builders in Stone

  6. From Alpha to Omega

  7. There is Something in the Air

  8. Ooparts and Oopths

  9. Spaceship or Survey Peg?

  10. Ruapehu Erupts

  11. The Australian Stonehenge

  12. The Organization of a Miracle

  13. The Diminutive Man of Mystery

  14. Bits and Pieces

  15. Coincidental Pattern of Oil Wells

  16. Wake Up Earth!


Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 9:47am ag1969
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RE:The World is Spirit Clothed in Sound

The World is Spirit Clothed in Sound......................err....sorta

Let me reframe or rephrase that, since I struggled with that for quite a while, and so probably others have the same reaction. The title might better read;

The World is Spirit (Divine Consciousness) Framed or made apparent by the organization and interplay of Vibrations at differing frequencies.

There, does that help? The literal translation from the old Indian text leaves a lot to be desired, IMHO. Words are critical, and if the translator does not have the understanding of the meaning behind the words, the context gets lost immediately.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 10:10am
Mr. Fix
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@ abguy4

Thank you for making that clarification, the words we use are often inadequate to explain a lot of the concepts discussed here. I'm noticing that myself in attempts to clarify certain issues on this subject matter.

I'm finding myself often going back to clarify what boils down to Basic vocabulary, and definition of terms. Even top researchers apply different meanings to the same terms.

Until recently, I was using certain terms to explain broad concepts, and made the mistake of thinking that when that same term was used in another context, the author or researcher was inferring the same meaning. I've since realized that this is rarely true. These things take time, and some serious evaluation of terminology.

Oh, and welcome back to the discussions, I personally value your input very highly.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 10:14am
Mr. Fix
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I fell into a trap?


Funny, I don't feel trapped...

In a philosophical discussion such as ours, examples are often cited. Using one is not how I would define an imposition of morality. First off, the subject matter probably either does not know, and certainly does not care what my particular judgment consists of, and secondly, I am in no way imposing anything on anyone. For example, if I tell Jim that he is giving his financial support to a criminal organization by paying a $35,000 fee for a building permit, have I done anything to stop that activity? Of course not. He has made a value judgment that that is what is necessary for him to conduct his business. I make a different choice. No one is imposing anything, except of course the criminal organization demanding these outrageous fees.

A few post back, I stated that mankind can be divided into two distinct camps. Those that are for slavery, and those that are opposed to it. You now have enough working knowledge to make an educated decision pertaining to the question that I asked:

Which side are you on?

Is that a trap? By not answering it, have you avoided it? Most of that two hour video specifically dealt with the morality of following orders. Why would you avoid such a rich area for discussion?

Only you know.

Natural law as defined in this discussion, as well as in the seminar that I was referring to, is a moral code. If you think it has anything to do with gravity, you completely missed the point. Mark does explain at the very beginning of the Full version that his presentation is a tapestry that builds upon itself, to paint a complete picture. It's entirely plausible that taking a two hour segment out of context loses its meaning, as it refers to established facts placed in evidence earlier on. Without backtracking, you probably have no point of reference. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there.

Ruffian, BIG NASTY, a page or so ago, I referred to the phenomenon known as "The Stockholm Syndrome", as to why someone would remain faithful to those who are malevolent, as I was referring to the Old Testament God, but I believe it also applies to bad parenting. Google the phrase, and go to the Wikipedia explanation. It gives a lot of insights into human psychology, insights that go a long way towards explaining a lot of what's going on around us.

And you can talk about me all you wish behind my back, it's fine by me.

As for parenting, I actively sought out activities that were mutually interesting. So to say that I was being entirely selfless would not be completely accurate. Finding common ground , and common interests between a little girl, and an adult man is a large part of the challenge. I am not a martyr, I thoroughly enjoyed the activities we shared. That's not to say that it wasn't without its challenges, but by maintaining an open dialogue, I somehow manage to bypass the entire teenage rebellion stage and was able to be there to offer sage advice through those difficult formative years.

I think it was key to give her many of the tools I knew she was going to need to work with long before they were required. Most parents wait until issues arise, I anticipated them. This is why it helps to start very young.

She watched her friends and classmates rebel, from a safe and mature perspective. It's still an ongoing process, admittedly, she genuinely feels that she does not "fit in" with many of her peers, but she does maintain a focus on her goals, and always finds who she needs to work with in achieving them. It's become part of her nature.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 12:27pm
Joined: Dec 9, 2012


The only thing worse than my reading comprehension are my writing skills. I thought that some how I had insulted some one. unintentionally.

You are soo right about the kids parents can put everything into their young ones and get a bad outcome. No matter how hard you will them to make the right choice it all on them.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 1:48pm Mr. Fix
Joined: Sep 2, 2011


Don't you think it is odd that certain people on this web site can only discuss issues in terms of bible quotes? It's as if in the 2000 years since the bible; we have not added to our knowledge of the universe; we have not dramatically increased our collective consciousness; we have not received any divine inspiration; we are hopelessly stuck in an ancient time and God has left the stage to people who dogmatically interpret his badly miss translated, and modified word.

Talk about living in a trap. Using a document produced under the auspices of the Roman Empire that denied our true spirituality for the purpose of control implies that we are unable to connect with Source on our own. This type of dogmatic belief is worse than man created Religion.

There is some truth and value in the bible, but it is still an incomplete historical document at best.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 2:23pm
Green Lantern
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re: Harmonics of Reality

Ag1969, Please let the weary rest. Stop posting so provoking posts! And Abguys reframing has merit although there is no limit to how one can slice this apple. Consciously or not, you get to the essence of all religious inquiry and disagreement.

The Word was made flesh. In the beginning was the word. Yeah? I have no problems with the idea if we are gonna start looking at the idea as the word=sound=the Nada in the Veda' (spoken as creative energy) or Nada Braham, = the Sufi's "Vadan" = The Hindu's "Shabda dhun" = Bani=Akash Bani (translates as the heavenly melody or pure melody)= and yes oh no, the Muslims get in the act too = Kalam-i-illhi=Anahad like Anahad (sound ,current Yoga) and oh yeah that Madam Blavatsky talked about it as the voice of silence.

Sound, harmony, vibration, frequency, the music of the sphere's, pythagoras, etc, etc, is the central theme that connects all religious doctrine, not the written word, not stories, not Noah. When John wrote in the beginning of his Gospel that the Word was God, and all things were made by him, and without him nothing was made, he was speaking of the sound, which is found in every religious scripture in the world.

Moses heard it on Mt. Sinai, Christ found it in the wildnerness, The Buddha heard it under the bo tree, Shiva heard the same sound known as the HU while in deep meditation in a cave in the Himalayas, Krishna played it on his flute. HU the sound found in -Hallelujah. Revered by the Egyptians (they sucked like usually they made it into a God), why humans always making things into Gods? The Celtics sang it, the Native American's sang it, The Africans used it and would sing it to each other long distances.

The Jewish cabbalist call it Ain Soph Aur. Did I leave out any names, the Bani, the shabda, the shabda dun, and on and on ad nasueum. People don't like fancy names that are foreign to them. The consciousness shuts out what it doesn't understand. So frequency, vibration, music or just sound current.

It is actually a wave that flows from the highest source of reality (you decide what that is?) into these words and formed creation. It says so in the bible. Mozart heard it as divine music and struggled to notate it on paper to the best of his ability. Jay Z and Beyonce have not heart it.

Somewhere on youtube you'll find a recording of crickets chirping. They slowed it down 10 times, 50 times, a 100 times (you think I remember), they were all singing one of the holy names of God-HU-used through out time to make contact with the sound current. All life existence is dependent on this creative wave-frequency-vibration. Every human being has a unique vibration which begins to explain the differences in understanding of spiritual matters, financial matters, geopolitical manners. There are people with harmonious vibrations, there are people without some.

How did they erect the pyramids? With latters and lifts and ropes the scientists will tell ya. Whatever!!

It brings back to the conversation of brainwashing and the subconsious, and how does one wake up? How does one deal with all the shit inside their subconscious? You don't right? Well most don't. The best way to wake up is to read Creature from Jekyl Island, Zero Hedge right?

The ancients and not so ancient knew the science of the sound current. They knew how to use it to begin the waking up process and ridding oneself of the programming within us. Our government knows how to use it as a weapon. How did they capture Noriega? They used the destruction element of the sound to drive him crazy.

The Christians call the bible the word of God. Well, technically it is for it couldn't exist without it but it is in the manifested form. That which can be written. And then of course, it has been tweaked over and over so the science of the sound current has been almost all removed as well as the science of it's twin aspect, light. The light comes first. Lightening, followed by the sound current, thunder. They go hand in hand. All music has color. You just can't see it. Not true for everyone.

Really, sacred sites, harmonic grids, advanced technology (nefarious and not so nefarious), cycles, music, even mathematics (secret scienc of numbers), astrology, archeticture

is are all aspects of the sacred science of sound.

Pythagoris, Plato, Confuscious and hundreds more that the ultimate control of the population came from sound. They knew good music was important part of the building of character and strong communities because you could control vibration.

Yes the written word is part of that science but who controls all the music stations? Why is classical music almost all gone, going out of business and at the end of the dial? Why is rap, discordant music, bachata, cumbia, all sorts of crap taken over the air waves?

But that art and science has all been lost or deleted from holy scriptures?

The state of our society does not influence our music as much as our music influences the state of our society.

Can music be used to control the troops? Keep them in line? Motivate them? Did Hitler have a composer that he santioned as the state composer? Did Hitler know it was important?

Remember, there is Bach, Steely Dan, B.B King whatever you like. Metallica you have to. You will be hard pressed to find anybody, any culture that made any influence upon man kind that didn't have some knowledge of the secret science of sound and music.

I would propose an experiment for those who things this is all hocus pocus. Listen to music you know nothing about. Maybe don't even like. Listen to Japanese Koto music for one month. Gregorian chant (snooze...) and see if after some time period, you begin to notice something different? A congnitive shift, a change in your health, insights you never had? Gregorian chant is a good experiment. Not my favorite music but I've tried it. Try listening to Bach for a month without anything else and see what happens to your brain? Are you more organized? MOre relaxed? Raise intuition? If you know what you are doing, you can use music or sound, chanting, reading of holy scripture outloud if you like, something simple like the Lord's Prayer until you either recieve a deep insight that the written word does not give you or find a solution to the problem. This was the gift of Thomas Merton. He began tapping into an ancient science. Others went further but Merton is accessible to people.

Music can be stronger than all the colloidal silver in the world because colloidal silver is nothing but vibration. They key is knowing how to choose, how to apply.

YOu can listen to a person speak, look at their dress or their attitudes and know what music they listen to. The effect is that overt. My baroque music professors used to piss me off with their arrogance. They were always well dressed, well spoken and thought their shit didn't stink. If you want to try that hat on, listen to Handel for a month. It is said by those who study the secret side of music that Handel single handedly was responsible for the snobbery in Europe during his time. The Messiah time period is coming. Ya gonna hear it anyway.

If your man is Jesus and you haven't listened to St. John's Passion than you are missing out. Men have seen visions of Christ on the cross.

If you feel nothing or experience nothing than why listen? The secret is to know how to use the music. You just don't listen to it, you have to know how to move into the music with your consciousness. There is that word again consciousness. A tool is not a tool unless you know how to use it. Clear your mind, your stress, your depression, gain insight if you know how to use the science of sound which is connected to the science of numbers. It's how they can practice money alchemy on you because they know the inner meaning of numbers. Society doesn't.

You haven't studied history until you have studied the correlation of Renaissance, advanced societies and the decline of societies with the music and arts they produced. Study the arts of ancient Greece and rome and see what happened to it during the decline, how beauty morphed into vulgarity. This study requires you do away with your preferences. Carlos Santana plays better guitar than Eric Clapton. Your preferences mean nothing. Well, they actually do in terms of it's effect upon you but you must venture away from your preferences. But this is only the science of outer music. Not the inner one that is referred to in the bible. Of course, that is my opinion that the word in the bible is referring to the divine creative force and not the written word which is only a pale reflection of what can be heard it you endeavor to do so.

Ignorance is unawareness of the law of harmonics/vibration what you like. Something within one's universe that is a violation of natural law (as fix calls it) I prefer Cosmic law. Vibrations are based on the octave. Do, re, me, fa etc... do a deer and all that. This was set up for a reason. Use of vibration can obscure other vibrations, deflect so you can't see truth it is how worship of false gods and supersition is created. KNowing how to neutralized vibrations by stronger vibrations is useful. All elements in the universe have music, vibration.

Do = red= planet earth metal iron related to the number 3, related to the vowel o. Once you realize vowels and consances combine to form vibration you can use them to control, liberate, bring strenght or destroy. It's why people do not know this ancient science so it can be used against you. Gold is re, the second step on the harmonic scale in the octave, silver is violet, or ti, the 7 step.

I think that's enough, might be way too much.

Sun, Nov 1, 2015 - 4:23pm
New Zealand
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Not way to much G.L.

Actually -'Music to my ears'.

In high tide fish eat the ants, in low tide ants eat the fish. - Thai proverb


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