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Dear anyone who wishes to just postulate about the events leading towards and the manifestation of the world-wide spiritual awakening of man as a result of the global financial meltdown. With the coming inflationary end of the Federal Reserve Note over the next year and a half (Federal Reserve Note, 1971-2012?), survival will be harder than ever before for the majority souls caught in the turbulently changing world. This is not a United States of America specific event, as the Federal Reserve Note is the world reserve currency.

Almost all countries in the world are linked directly or indirectly to the success of the Federal Reserve Note (America), which for the first time in the history of man-kind, will bring all heavily interlinked countries into a (hyper)-inflationary fate primarily affecting the western "democratic" economies/currencies the hardest. Below is the larger perspective scene of prominent currencies in majority favor throughout history. It is fair to say this will be unprecedented and unimaginable to many until the final stages of the currency default.

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And for the overstated "history repeats itself" moment.... let us compare the Roman Inflationary Collapse to the US Debt exponential takeoff.

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(I assume politicians want us to believe this will somehow this exponential function will suddenly stop/reverse?)

Moving away from the man-made financial mess, this will give opportunity to us if we can band together and be the deciders of the fate of humanity if we can learn to create the world we wish to exist. 99% of the world population are innocent beings, who have all been affected by the core of our problems in a malicious currency. Crime/Corruption on a smaller scale is not the problem but the symptom that there exists a larger more fundamental cancerous root. If the medium of exchange of the world system is a corrupt ponzi scheme, there can be no long-run sustainability in any aspect of what many know as life. One cannot be whole if life is intertwined with the root of corruption. All aspects of society must be rethought and restructured in a pure and genuine manner when the opportunity arises, as today's "hot topic problems" are all a consequences of this intentionally planned failed fiat currency. We have been robbed of our opportunity as human beings on this planet and we must now rise above falsehoods as a collective whole, as humanity's collective consciousness must decide enough is enough. Every truth has it's time, and when those who have comforts of today gone tomorrow, the world will change for everyone.

I am 22 years old and have been out of the formal education system for a year. I have found that internet communities (I belong to a long list throughout the years) are the best sources for genuine information, as mainstream media has been completely perpetuated by nonsense. No further example needed than the recent story of the New Hampshire man immolating himself in front of the New Hampshire court house being completely ignored and kept from the collective consciousness of America.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with anyone who wishes to banter back and forth, but please keep things respectful.


Here is a song that is on my mind. Just was introduced to this artist. Very cool indeed.

Dub FX - Future

Where is the future where is the past
Astronomy without technology cannot last
Solar system colonies, teleport machines
Imminent optimism grasped
We’re taking it back to our dreams
Full steam as we scheme into a future unseen
A blank canvas screen
We’re taking it shaking it making it gleam
Let’s scream…
And let me tell you about my dream
I want to evolve let me tell you what I mean
You see a nuclear weapons intention
Isn’t for protection but destruction
I’m betting that the invention has a function of selection
To determinate how much to exterminate
While the reserve gets paid
Come on give me a break
Let’s put our money into something that counts
Why all the bouts, when agony emphatically amounts
Let’s not fall behind
Peace on earth is evolution for man kind

Long division is a timely process
Subtract through the shadows and darkness
Multiply your movements to shine
Add all your thoughts to equal sublime

I’ve spent so many days and nights
Trying to walk this earth
And what I’ve realised is that this whole universe
Is trying to sympathise giving us a veer to purse
But we ain’t got no purpose so we just search an search
Blowing up the skies until the ozone bursts
Putting toxic waste up underneath the earth
We want to live longer, and still give birth
While all the information gets lost
I only ever here one song on the radio
And all the false reality on those TV shows
So I just hit my pedal let the bass lines flow
Open your mind or I’ll show you the door just,
Shut your eyes so your soul doesn’t know
Shuffle your feet on the dance floor
Let yourself go, show the bare minimal
Love is sublime and not subliminal

Long division is a timely process
Subtract through the shadows and darkness
Multiply your movements to shine
Add all your thought to equal sublime

(Source Here)


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