SVBL - Silver Bull Resources

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SVBL - Silver Bull Resources

I put a small amount of money into this miner today .  I must admit - I did no research - but the chart to me was screaming that this was a buy.

Why did I invest?

1.  They changed their name recently - so hard to follow through from the name Metalline.

2.  They changed their name in April when there was a fall in precious metal prices.

3.  Check out the chart - I look at it as a half price sale.

It was up over 10% today - but if I lose $ - I get what I deserve for not doing my homework.

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silver bull

A couple of notes, CDE  just purchased 7.5 million at .68  and Sprott asset owns several million shares as well,

so I guess you're in some good company.  Also Ron Paul has this in his account as well. Probably worth a flyer

for a thousand shares tomorrow. Thanks

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