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Written in anger

911 false flag attack has set the stage For pax Americana and her allies to engage Armed predator drones high above the sand Flown by video game graduates on demand Are those little girls playing in their skirts Or insurgents planting IEDs in the dirt Images on their screens lack clear distinction But the order to fire is said with conviction Our freedom is nothing but a grand fiction As we have all become meat for the grinder Little old ladies are groped in the crotch As national insecurity cranks up a notch Huxley and Orwell laid out the theme Of control and repression as a scheme Would you prefer a society that burns books Or be where people give them hardly a look We create reality say the powers that be within certain parameters you may be free But don't come crying and complaining to me You're just meat for the grinder Obama wants to win the future if he could maybe to him the present doesn't look so good He wants to turn the page and leave the past Not to persecute the Banksters who're moving fast To print more money and devalue the legal tender Export it to the third world until they surrender That's why the price of wheat and rice is rising And the revolution in Egypt shouldn't be surprising As people around the world will join the uprising Because we are no longer meat for the grinder
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