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#1 Thu, Jun 4, 2015 - 11:43pm

2015 blemont

My advice is to not bet. Just sit back and watch history. American pharaoh is going to run his best race ever and no one is going to try to stop him. He's just done everything perfect. The last 5 of his 6 races including the Preakness he spent no effort. So he's not even tired. His workouts are flawless. Mubtaahij might have made it interesting but he just won't switch leads and he's not taking to Belmont. No way he gets 12furlongs using one leg to power off of. Unless something tragic happens and let's hope not. He's your winner. Everyone else is just running for bigger check, not thee check. Watch the woody Stephens deepest grade one I've seen in ages..... Look for a price on competitive edge. He would have made the Belmont a horse race but it's not to be. Belmont cheap tri key AP on top of the 3 M's.