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#1 Mon, May 25, 2015 - 7:59pm

Early Belmont

Well as it should be all the attention is American pharaoh. First let me say he really is a nice moving horse. He has a rocking horses motion and a naturally low level headset like a quarter horse. Which isn't surprising since most quarter horses that are racing trace their female family line back to secretariat. All the gossip is on Baffert keeping him at Churchill. The speculation is varied. Personally, since horsemen are superstitious. I believe he has him there cuz he lost 3 triples by shipping early into NY. Having said that he has only jogged and just started galloping. He looks slow and he should. Nothing should be read into that at this point. Now his competition is looking good. Tale of verve who was second in the Preakness will be running and he's puzzling. That horse can run all day but he just doesn't have tactical speed. I'm really keying in on materiality and frosted. They are rested and they look good and they should. Nothing here as of yet. There is a newcomer who might be the best of them all. I'll talk about him in my next post. After careful review, Easy Goer would have blown the doors off of American Pharoah. The track was sloppy but APs Preakness was over five seconds slower than previous 2 classic winners. Again I remind all sloppy is not slow.