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Lyme disease

Felt I should give a shout out about this disease. Aside from crisis late last summer. It will 3 years since I got Lyme disease. Something I had never worried about before. Mine began literally with just feeling tired. Didn't think much of it cuz I was doing a pretty big graduation party for my bro. My knees were hurting, but so what they always do. Then I woke up and had the classic bullets ring on my forearm. Thankfully, it was there or I most likely would have not noticed it otherwise. It was a weekend and I ended up texting a pic to my doc who promptly put be on doxycycline for 21 days. I felt better but a few weeks later I was getting worse. The pain I had wasn't normal. When got up it felt as if I had cracked my shin. Was lethargic and just forced myself to work thru this. I distinctly recall thinking the evening of the graduation if my bro would be mad if I didn't go. At the party one of my clients who is a dr had told me about this huge fight going on among Drs over this disease. It had been raging for decades. I ended up going to see a dr involved in that debate. He had told me at the time there were only two labs in the entire USA who could detect what he believed was causing my and many others symptoms. Which was a secondary infection transmitted by the tick at the larvae stage. Mine tuned out to be positive and I was retreated and I'm fine. that dr published his findings ( not me) in the new England journal of medicine that November and it's pretty much accepted now. Now the names of these bacteria are really long and ya all can look them up. But I'm sharing this cuz the range of these ticks is increasing and secondary and more bacteria are increasing. So far this year I'm seeing a heck of a lot of ticks already. Really have to check my dogs cuz they park themselves wherever I do. Amazingly there is no reliable standard test for Lyme disease. Also no vaccine, it was pulled a long while back cuz of law suits. Although a new one is supposed to be coming out. So basically your diagnosis is subjective from your dr and woe to us whomliv or lived in area where Drs aren't familiar with the disease. infectious disease Drs in my case were useless. So I caution ya if ya get bit. Keep the tick. And if you don't feel better after treatment. You will have to be your own advocate for additional treatment. It's an insidious infection in that it is slow to present troublesome symptoms.... I was very lucky. But it was sheer hell fighting the symptoms and system at the same time!