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Ok I'm doing this cuz a potential triple crown. BUT. I did not like APs race. First off mr z who is co-owned normally veers outward. Tis race he went inward and io gasped cuz I truly believed he was gonna fall. Mr z has made it it to the top 3 spots in every race he ran and he's run more than anyone. This left AP with a cllear straight path to the front and pinched everyone else inward. Plus AP was all out. Don't believe what you hear.. That horse was brutalized by his jockey. He hit that horse some 36 times the last furlong. In fact he's being fined for the ride he gave to his oaks mount. That horses was freaking bloody as hell. I believe we have seen the limit of APs potential. Hopefully, Espinoza is gonna pay for his ride on AP. Firing line..... Well he pressed Dortmund the entire way around. The track was dead, shame on Churchill downs. So why would Garcia put Dortmund on the rail? You guess.... This is why they used to couple entities to protect the bettors from the crap horsemen have to figure out. Firing line... Oh well he's game but he's not used to racing every 2 weeks. He's a horse who likes a long layoff. His team says he can handle it. As tho he has a choice. I mean what else are they gonna say. Actually Dortmund, although he was mired deep on the rail. Seemed to have come out well. Big horses lie him need to be off the rail to generate momentum. Frosted, he was affected inj the start and made a valiant effort to get on the board. Looks like he's not going to the Preakness tho. Materiality got the worst trip and ran the best race than all of them. He was smoking home. Him and many others eased off cuz they knew they were not going to hit the board. Which is the right thing to do. Don't know if he's going to the Preakness..... But he will be a major factor in the belmont. He's got brilliant tactical speed and that's what wins belmonts.... Not closers like many falsely believe. Carpe diem? I suspected he wouldn't go well and he didn't . But I didn't think he'd race that bad. Preakness, I dunno. Doesn't look lime Pletcher is taking any of them there. Dancing moon.....hasn't peaked. He's going to the preakness but as I noted in the derby thread I think he's more suited for Belmont. He ran a solid derby. Churchill is doing their best to destroy the derby IMO. Ok AP won but I'm not convinced he was the best horse in the race. I sure I forgot stuff but the fields not set and still a week to go.... More later