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Jade Helm 15

I think this topic is worthy of it's own thread.

Although today's radio program is interesting from beginning to end, the discussion of JH15 begins @ the 1:00:00 mark @ this link:

Video unavailable

The discussion continues during Hour 3...here.


I particularly enjoy the amount of listener-participation in Mr. Kuhner's program. Granted, patriotism and the left-right paradigm are in full view, but JH15 should concern us all. Too bad it is nearly impossible to discern truth in today's gov/media snot-storm, but does that mean we give in to the deception? ... and, hence, cede the victory to our enemies?

Truly, these questions cause me much grief and consternation because they throw all that I believe I know into an uncomfortable and constant state of flux. Personally, my heart cries out, "Lord, carest Thou not that we perish?"...while the storm still rages, and the waves still threaten judgement. We do, after all, have much blood on our hands!

But, I digress.