GoldMoney...still safe?

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GoldMoney...still safe?

Hiya Stackers,

It's probably me over reacting but just wanting to check in with the forum and see if anyone has had any issue with GoldMoney.

Just been told by GoldMoney that they no longer allow metal transfers:

The facility to transfer metals between GoldMoney Holdings was suspended on the 21st January 2012 and we are therefore unable to accommodate your request. The decision by GoldMoney management to suspend this service was based on the lack of demand for the service from our customers and the increasing requirements by various regulatory bodies around the world. We are currently unable to predict whether this service will be made available again in the future.

Hmmm...ok. Thing is they didn't send an email first letting me know although to be fair I don't have the type of account that would permit this anyway so maybe they only bothered to tell Premium members. Still it makes me a little uneasy that I wasn't told (because what else haven't I been told? Is my metal still allocated, audited, and do they still allow physical pickups - I'd be really pissed if any of these changed and I wasn't told).

I'd also like to point out that atm their website still makes the claim that it allows metal transfers once I've signed in, but they seem to have removed it now from other parts of their website.

Consequently I'm now considering closing my account or at least lessening my stack because I am somewhat nervous. Would be interested in what the forum has to say. Probably I'm just a nervous Nelly x

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