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T-ville teachers and educators

I really need some hel from y'all. Anyone who knows me or has read my posts is aware that I have a learning disability. Of course I've searched on my own for online text that can help me learn proper grammar. However, most of it too advanced for me. Not being able to write properly is becoming more and more of a problem. What I need to do is go back to the beginning. I mean elemtary stuff. So I'm asking anyone teaching or with knowledge to suggest material. All the local stuff is on kids pc's so I can't borrow or buy text books from the school. Plus as letters are fuzzy and sorta move around on me it has to be fairly simple to understand. I know they have come or are coming out with voice learning programs. Speaking isn't my problem tho. Although, I can't deny I'd benefit from elocution classes. I know they have folks that teach reading and els classes but I'm looking to learn how to write better and employ proper grammar. Cuz you guys know how even the use of a comma can change the meaning. Anyway if ya can or will. I'd be grateful for any and all suggestions Thx, Ruffian

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