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T-ville teachers and educators

I really need some hel from y'all. Anyone who knows me or has read my posts is aware that I have a learning disability. Of course I've searched on my own for online text that can help me learn proper grammar. However, most of it too advanced for me. Not being able to write properly is becoming more and more of a problem. What I need to do is go back to the beginning. I mean elemtary stuff. So I'm asking anyone teaching or with knowledge to suggest material. All the local stuff is on kids pc's so I can't borrow or buy text books from the school. Plus as letters are fuzzy and sorta move around on me it has to be fairly simple to understand. I know they have come or are coming out with voice learning programs. Speaking isn't my problem tho. Although, I can't deny I'd benefit from elocution classes. I know they have folks that teach reading and els classes but I'm looking to learn how to write better and employ proper grammar. Cuz you guys know how even the use of a comma can change the meaning. Anyway if ya can or will. I'd be grateful for any and all suggestions Thx, Ruffian

Wed, Mar 25, 2015 - 9:35am
Joseph Warren
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Hi Ruffian . . . Your post reminds me of a very good friend

of mine. (He passed away a few years ago.) He described what he had experienced in his life and it matches up with what you wrote. My friend had dyslexia. That is, when he looked at words on the page they appeared backwards and jumped around. Of course, that made it difficult to learn to read or write properly, so he struggled in school and was labeled 'slow'. And, he always thought he was 'stupid'.

This wasn't the case at all. As a matter of fact, he was a mechanical genius. He was a machinist, welder, millwright, mechanic, and inventor. At one time he worked at the Boeing experimental aircraft division and the engineers would often come to him to work out problems with a design that they couldn't solve. People with dyslexia may have problems with reading & writing, but they are often very skilled in mechanical or other areas like my friend. Many are athletic. There are quite a few famous people of great accomplishment who had or have dyslexia. My friend taught himself and overcame his dyslexia & later saw that it also somehow brought his many talents.

I don't know if you have dyslexia, but you might want to do web searches using the terms 'dyslexia' with 'adult learning resources'. See if what you find matches your situation and might be helpful to you.

Here's one web link that I found through a quick search:


All the best to you -

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You sure picked a difficult language to learn to write in ;-)






I searched "learn how to write better and employ proper grammar" on DuckDuckGo and got these and others. Maybe something useful? (I like duckduckgo for a search engine)

More power to ya!

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Son number one teaches English composition at the local University as a TA. They just offered for him to teach two classes next year. He is currently going for his Masters in English, and then he hopes to go on to get a PHD and become a Prof.

Son number two has learning disabilities and a speech impediment. It seems his (tested) IQ goes up 10 percent when he takes a test orally rather than in writing. He also had (has) fine motor skill problems. Like you he has largely overcome these problems through hard work and will graduate from Michigan State in a few months.

My wifes brother has dyslexia and is a self made millionaire. His son has severe learning disabilities but makes up for it with an incredible artistic ability. When he was 6 he could sketch at a professional level, at 10 he picked up a welder and made an incredible alligator from junk. At 14 he picked up the guitar and he shreds at a Blues club in NJ most weekends.

My sister has two adopted children with learning disabilities that will keep them from college.

Having said all that, I have asked Mr. Fix to join the conversation because he uses a voice to computer program, and he might be able to help in this area.

Thu, Mar 26, 2015 - 12:26pm
Mr. Fix
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Hi Ruffian,

I don't know if this will help, but it certainly helps me...

I don't type, I can't spell, and even reading becomes problematic. Most of my learning is from videos, and I use a"Dictate" program that I purchased online to post my comments.

My old MacBook Pro did not come with such a program, but after a few years of practice, I got used to the one that I downloaded into it. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a brand-new MacBook Air, and it had a very similar program already integrated into it. It saves me a lot of time, I could not possibly post my diatribes without it.


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Ruffian, try this. Check out

Ruffian, try this. Check out the very top space - write some words down and press enter to check your text....and clearly there are a lot more things to do on this site.

Good luck buddy.


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