SHTF can happen at anytime.

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SHTF can happen at anytime.

SHTF can happen at any time.
Here is mine.

My landlord recently sold the property I was leasing to operate my business to a big corporation. The corporation gave me a month to vacate the property as they have new plans for the building. At the end of this month I will be without a business and income. Five years ago I employed 20 people. Today these employees are all wards of the State. The failed US State cannot come fast enough for me. Let it all burn down so we can build it new.

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Re: SHTF can happen at anytime

Thinking that's true.  The SHTF could be any time.

And at the same a strong case can be made, that it's been hitting in waves for quite a while your post points out. 

Discouraged as I might be am in no rush for things to 'burn down'.

When the SHTF for keeps in a big way-- we're all going to be longing for the good 'ole days of 2015  I'm thinking; Fortunately  from what I've come to understand life will likely be brief for most of us Muppets regardless of what preps we have taken..... 

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