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#1 Thu, Feb 19, 2015 - 9:44pm
L.ost A.rea, CA
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Bargain Bin

Found a super deal? A big sale, a one time offer, coupon code, clearance, sales blitz, or just something verry interesting being offered somewhere? I've seen some posted in the middle of random threads every now and then, even got in on a couple! ;-) If you do run across something, post it here where we can all find it.

I'll start it of with this one that just came to me in an email today from Provident. I just got a check and the price is dipped, so I got mine! And remember... Be sure to go from one of Turd's ad links! ;-)

24 Hours Only - FREE SHIPPING

Get NTR 10 oz Silver Bars for just $0.49 over spot per ounce!

*Ends February 20, 2015 on Friday @ 3pm Central Time