My Pay it forward: The Best of precious metals youtube as audio files FREE

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#1 Mon, Feb 9, 2015 - 9:33pm
Canaan, NH
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My Pay it forward: The Best of precious metals youtube as audio files FREE

I got tired of not being able to take the work of people like Andy Hoffman, who only publish to YouTube, with me here in the land of no cell service. SO I am funding and compiling a page with the best audio (Taken from Youtube videos mostly) I can find. It is totally free, and should show up on itunes shortly. If there is any YouTube audio you want to hear, let me know and I will post it, subject to moderation for being on topic to metals, economics etc. I am including all the PUBLIC audio content from TF Metals, with the gracious permission of our fearless leader, TF. The site is where you can stream and download and if you want to add the feed to your podcast player of choice it is

It's just a way to get the best audio content to the most people, simply a pay it forward project.

You can contact me at nhsilverfarm[at]gmail[dot]com if you have questions or comments


Fri, Mar 6, 2015 - 3:53am
L.ost A.rea, CA
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Great Idea! (Videos to mp3)

I've always thought it was pretty lame posting audio files as video. "Gee, how can I make this file ten times larger!???" But I guess YouTube and broadband has taken over the internet, so you go with the flow.

I've been using some online YouTube to MP3 converters lately to download to my phone when I will be away from WiFi streaming. seems to work good (even on my phone!). Their website is loaded with popups, annoying ads, redirects, spam & "warning pages", but if you click carefully and use blockers, it converts stuff many of the others choke on.